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From 29 September 2008 Issue

Jillouise Takes On Charles Gibson and ABC News Show On Their Lack of Information Concerning The Cruelness Of The Iditarod Dog Race

Dear Ms. Sweeney:

How shocking and disgusting it was that Charles Gibson and ABC News said anything positive regarding the Iditarod. This unnecessary, cruel sled dog race with it's long history of dog death, illnesses and injuries is a spectacle of barbaric animal cruelty. I find it profoundly disturbing that ABC/Disney promotes animal abuse. I ask that you air a show that covers the facts of the Iditarod's well-documented animal abuses, cruelty and suffering.

The dark side of the Iditarod is that at least 136 dogs have died in the race. This does not include all the others who died before and after racing. No one knows how many dogs die AFTER the race or during training. Why don't you investigate that figure.

The Iditarod dogs endure death, paralysis, lung damage, pneumonia, frostbite of the penis and scrotum, bleeding ulcers, bloody diarrhea, viral diseases, ruptured discs, sprains, broken bones, torn muscles and tendons, torn footpads, etc. As an animal cruelty investigator, I assure you that ALL of the above-listed injuries are unacceptable. Any person purposely inflicting such injuries to an animal IS AN ANIMAL ABUSER, a criminal who needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

As if all this were not bad enough, Iditarod dog kennels are puppy mills. Mushers breed large numbers of dogs, routinely "culling" (killing off) the undesirable ones, including puppies. Permanently disabled Iditarod racing dogs, dogs who have outlived their usefulness, or are unwanted for a myriad of other reasons are killed with a shot to the head, dragged, drowned or clubbed to death. "Dogs are clubbed with baseball bats and if they don't pull are dragged to death in harnesses....." wrote former Iditarod dog handler Mike Cranford in an article for Alaska's Bush Blade Newspaper.

Dog beatings and whippings are common. During the 2007 Iditarod, eyewitnesses reported that musher Ramy Brooks kicked, punched and beat his dogs with a ski pole and a chain.

For more facts about the Iditarod, visit the Sled Dog Action Coalition web site,  .

Again, at least 136 dogs have died in the Iditarod. Stop promoting this absolutely horrific race and tell your viewers the truth about it.

Most Sincerely,

Jillouise Breslauer,
Executive Director Compassion in Action Foundation
Actively working to end animal suffering
PO Box 12708
Wilmington, NC 28405
Email: [email protected]

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