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From 25 October 2008 Issue

Tell Tom Brokaw to end his support for the barbaric Iditarod

From the Sled Dog Action Coalition,

Tell Tom Brokaw to end his support for the barbaric Iditarod:

Several of Susan Butcher's dogs died in the Iditarod in her effort to gain fame and fortune. One of the dogs used by Butcher in the 1994 Iditarod died from exertional myopathy, otherwise known as "sudden death syndrome." Another dog used by her dropped dead in 1987 from internal hemorrhaging. Several were injured and killed by moose. People who love their dogs don't make them run in the Iditarod.

Susan Butcher forced her dogs to live on five foot chains when they weren't hauling people around.

For information about the cruelties of the Iditarod and chaining, go to the Sled Dog Action Coalition website, 

He cannot speak for himself but you can. This dog's picture was taken at the kennel of a leading musher

A dog chained to his exercise wheel may have trouble getting into his shelter

Dogs on short tethers before the race starts

Pictures credit to

Staff: Sled Dog Action Coalition: 

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