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From 4 January 2009 Issue

Information on MICHIGAN Alleged Class B Dealers and Research Labs

MECOSTA ANIMAL SHELTER in MI sends animals to research. Actually this shelter has been dubbed by others the "MAFIA SHELTER"....From what was alleged this shelter does not put their animals on the Internet (ALLEGED MONITORING OF THEIR WEBSITE FOR A WEEK AND NO ANIMALS LISTED)...They are not rescue friendly at all....They are only opened three hours a day. THE ANIMALS THAT ENTER THIS SHELTER VERY RARELY MAKE IT OUT SAFELY.

There are three active Class B Dealers in Michigan that are getting dogs "LEGALLY" out of shelters and selling them to research labs.

Below link has the names of them and the shelters that are still very actively allowing this is to happen..

Please if you receive a plea for any animal in any of the shelters below that are doing this please start cross-posting for them before they end up in the wrong hands.


****Hodgins Kennels, Inc.
http://guide. labanimal. com/guide/companyd. jsp?b=9138

****** R & R Research, Inc.
http://guide. labanimal. com/guide/companyd. jsp?b=5285

******Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply.
http://guide. labanimal. com/guide/companyd. jsp?b=1675

Michigan's Class B Dealers:
Michigan has 3 USDA Class B Dealers, licensed to sell pound dogs and cats to research institutions.

Hodgins Kennels, Inc., R & R Research, Inc. and Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply. USDA Class B Dealers are licensed by the United States Government to sell "random source" dogs and cats to labs. "Random Source" dogs and cats are your pets, dogs and cats not bred for use in research, but instead obtained from pounds and individuals.

Hodgins Kennels, Inc., in Howell, Michigan is one of the largest Class B Dealer operations in the country. It's owned and operated by Fred Hodgins and his wife Janice.

R & R Research, Inc, of Howard City Michigan is run by James Woudenberg and his mother Roberta. R & R has engaged in less than ethical practices including listing itself as an animal shelter in the yellow pages. The State of Michigan Attorney General's Office ordered the ads removed. Quite obviously, R & R is no shelter. Ionia County Animal Control ended it's relationship with R & R after it was discovered that a dog that an Ionia Animal Control Officer claimed was shot to death, was actually at R & R Research. This company regularly takes animals from Montcalm Animal Control. They are permitted to take any animal that they choose once a stray animal is held for the appropriate hold time. R & R Research also currently takes animals from Ingham County Animal Control, Montc and Gratiot County Animal Control.

Cheri-Hill Kennels of Stanwood Michigan trades animals with R & R Research. Cheri-Hill takes animals from Montmorency Animal Control and Osceola Animal Control.

Source: Cathy.

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