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From 10 March 2009 Issue

Complaint Filed Against UL Primate Research Center

Everyone, ( written by Michael Budkie, executive director of the Ohio-based group Stop Animal Exploitation Now)

I want all of you to know about one of our latest successes -- exposing the ongoing abuses at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana, which is affiliated with the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Also, I've put up an article to convey our findings. it is at:  Let me know what you think of the article.

Complaint Filed Against UL Primate Research Center

Jan 28, 2009 01:46 AM EST

An animal rights organization says it's filed a complaint with the US Department of Agriculture against UL Lafayette and its primate research center.

The group, called Stop Animal Exploitation Now, claims a number of chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys at the facility have been allowed to die from undiagnosed illnesses.

The facility, which is located in New Iberia, garners little attention because it provides a wide range of animal testing services to companies involved in competitive research.

In years past that has included work on trying to develop aids vaccine.

Animal-rights group asks feds to examine university's New Iberia site

Posted January 28, 2009

An Ohio-based animal-rights watchdog group has asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate UL's New Iberia Research Center.

In a Tuesday letter to USDA official Robert Gibbens, the group Stop Animal Exploitation Now alleges that nine primates have died at the New Iberia facility in recent years and that others may be suffering from serious undiagnosed illnesses.

"I request you initiate action to levy the most substantial fine allowable and suspend projects, which involve repeat violations," SAEN Executive Director Michael Budkie wrote in the letter. "I find the attitude of callousness and negligence at NIRC to be nothing less than shocking."

In a statement, Johnny Hardcastle, head of animal resources at NIRC, said the center was not aware of any investigation.

"The New Iberia Research Center has not been made aware of any USDA investigation concerning issues of animal health and well-being," Hardcastle said. "At such time that we receive information of an investigation, we will cooperate fully with the USDA."

In the letter, Budkie wrote that one chimpanzee that died in November 2007 had only received fiber tablets since 2005, but that several conditions were noted when the animal died. Among those conditions, Budkie said, were muscle atrophy, a distended abdomen, fluid in the abdomen and a heart problem.

Another chimpanzee that reportedly died in August 2006 had undergone a vasectomy only a few days before, Budkie said, despite the fact it reportedly had a heart condition. A third chimpanzee died of gastric bloat, which is often related to an improper diet, Budkie said.

"Additionally, his records do not list any treatment for this condition; it was discovered only at death," Budkie said. "I believe that this indicates inadequate observation of this animal."

Budkie also wrote in the letter that four monkeys that reportedly died at the facility had medical conditions that may have gone untreated, including intestinal blockage, enlarged kidneys and septicemia, a blood infection.

Two infant primates also reportedly died because of maternal neglect or trauma, Budkie said. In a phone interview, Budkie said such problems can sometimes arise out of the psychological stress of being in captivity.

"It's not surprising that it would really stress the animals and cause them to engage in self-destructive behavior," he said. "This also caused disruption in the relationship between mother and offspring, and one of the infants killed had serious injuries. It's a mother literally attacking her offspring."

Budkie said the information about the New Iberia center came from the facility's own internal records. SAEN monitors several such facilities across the country and receives documents about many of them on a regular basis, he said.

All of the records said to be from NIRC will be posted on the group's Web site in the next couple of days, Budkie said.

According to the site, the group frequently files complaints and investigates animal research facilities across the country, many of them associated with universities.

The NIRC Web site says the center includes "diversified animal housing systems" of varying sizes both indoors and outdoors, extensive diagnostic equipment, a 12,000 square foot diagnostic lab and a surgical suite.

Michael Email: [email protected] 

Editor's note:

We will be having more articles in future issues from Michael. He will be exposing the abuse of Primates in laboratory tests which result in many false conclusions and medications later proven unsafe, if not deadly to humans. We are not primates, testing on any animal is not only cruel and ineffective but a waste of tax dollars which could better serve our species in such tests with DNA, stem cell research and computer science. Animals, no longer needed, never proved to be an accurate way to diagnose or find cures for disease and birth defects.

Now animals tests will prove to be an ignorant and barbaric embarrassment to those scientist of the past as the ban on stem cell research has been lifted and we move forward in a sensible, scientifically, specie based research. Many diseases and birth defects will eventually disappear as the mysteries of our DNA unfold and methods to correct mutation and incorrect bonding of molecules will be found and implemented.

Meanwhile we must all educate ourselves and begin a firm and unrelenting protest against animal testing and the billion dollar industry, fed by our tax dollars, that continues to operate in our communities. Visit the websites Michael provides and write protest emails or letters to the testing facilities involved and your congressman and senators. Let your voice be heard, remember, "If one violin be played with the loud beating of drums, it is the violin that will be heard." John Karliscek. 


To SAY nothing......... to DO nothing......... STOPS nothing....... 

these are all articles about the lives of primates in several different labs. 

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