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From 25 May 2009 Issue

Animal Rights Activists Are Not Terrorist

Animal rights activists are not terrorist. This label was wrongly attributed to The Animal Rights Movement because we were/are recognized as citizens with valid truths and a threat to the huge money machine that cranks out billions of dollars of profits each year from the abuse of animals, More people now realize that animals are sentient beings and therefore deserve the opportunity to live their natural lives free of torment, terror, and cruelty in their natural habitat and not as Commodities, Sources of Unnatural Entertainment or Butchered, Packaged Food Products sold for human consumption.

I am always proud to say I Am An Animal Rights Activist, I never miss an opportunity to enlighten people about the plight of animals.

I am an activist and I go forth even more dedicated, more determined I will make a difference each day.

I hope today all of you feel your own power and know you will not be frightened off by false labels. We aren't the terrorist, we are the voice of sanity, the voices that will someday bring forth a peaceful loving world.

Hold your heads high for we have not shamed our creator, whom or whatever you perceive that to be.

Be Proud, You are an Activists! .

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