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From 28 July 2009 Issue

Great Stock Investment, Dean Foods are buying Alpo,
Europe's largest soy product distributor.
Is this the Beginning of Dairy's Decline And Death?

History will one day record this news as the first corporate stride towards the end of milk and dairy consumption.

Dean Foods is the largest milk and dairy distributor in the United States. Dean Foods is also the largest
soymilk distributor (SILK).

Last week, Dean Foods announced that they are buying Alpo, Europe's largest soy product distributor for
a sum which approaches $500 million.

Since Dean foods controls the shelving space which displays the majority of dairy products sold in
American supermarkets, and since Dean foods has learned that there's more money in soy than in dairy,
expect to see Dean/Alpo domination in future dairy case products which will include soy milks, soy
yogurts, and soy cheeses.

The marketplace defines what foods consumers eat today and in the future. which translates into
very bad news for dairymen, and wonderful news for soybean farmers.

Robert Cohen

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