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From 28 July 2009 Issue

Alert! Crosspost Everywhere

Breaking News, Out Rage In South Carolina
Slaughter of Rehabbed Canadian Geese

Hi everyone, I need a bit of support....

The 3 people listed below were responsible for over 75 Canada geese being rounded up, packed in hot trucks and taken to slaughter from the Park at Rivers Edge last Thursday. Twenty of them being MY geese I rehabbed with injuries etc...and many were domesticated. One sweet lady named Debbie Dangerfield made it there in time to get on one of the trucks and refuse to get down until they released our geese. They gave her only PollyAnna, a goose raised from a wee baby who loved her. The rest were slaughtered. Debbie's email address is [email protected]  cell is 514-1432, she has all the other details of how the events took place. She's so devastated after looking out for all of the geese. She now has one lone goose over there who cannot understand where the rest have gone. Geese mate for life. Babies were taken with the rest, many separated from their parents and hauled in hot trucks to Columbia where the USDA killed them all. They'd gave Debbie only one to get her to go away. Many of the rehabbed geese were named and came when called. They were not ever caged.

I had supplied them with a list of Canada geese rescue groups, Canada geese rehabbers and also Dorchester Vet Clinic's number to contact Roxi for advice. They claimed they were destroying the grasses etc.... Carolina Waterfowl in Charlotte, NC was also willing to help move them. NONE of these agencies were called nor was I notified that the geese were going to be killed.

I'm swamped with wildlife right now so if anyone has any ideas of preventing this from happening or can forward this to others who can make a difference please do and/or contact Debbie. The public deserves to know what can happen to our wildlife as well as how heartless some people can be. Thanks everyone!!!

Rhonda who helps me with the geese set down with me last night at the HOA's meeting where we were not allow in... so we could recall the geese that were rehabbed and placed at the Park...and were slaughtered. This kills me...there were more than I first thought. I spoke with the Post & Courier today and they cannot get the management at The Park @ Rivers Edge to talk to them. The three responsible will not return calls, emails or have any contact with us or any of the media. This tells me they have something to hide.

Some Of The Geese That were Murdered After Being In Our Rehab:

This cannot be allow to ever happen again.

If any of you have the time, please email these people and let them know how upsetting it is to see how heartless they were. This situation did not have to end this way. They claim they tried everything....well we're learning now they covered up a lot of what was done. They contacted no one I sent them to help. Catherine Ellis met the removal service at the front gates at 6:45 to sneak in the people who were to round up the geese before the guard came on duty because he loved them as well. I've never been so sick over knowing how these geese must have been treated and trucked such a long way in the heat. Then only to be slaughtered. I've contacted the USDA and they talk in circles but I expected no less. I think they attend special classes to learn how NOT to answer a direct question.

Please send emails protesting this outrage to the following people. There is form letter if you can't write your own protest. For those of you that can try to personalize a similar email and send it to

Andrew Reid is President of Park Rec which is the whole community, [email protected] 

Hilda Davenport is president of Traces & Reflections which is the condos, [email protected]

Catherine Ellis is the property Manager with Spectrum Properties, [email protected]

Form Letter

To Whom IT May Concern,

I have just learned that you three were responsible for the slaughter of over 75 Canada geese, including babies. It is my further understanding that twenty of them were geese that had been rehabbed (with injuries, etc.) ... by Beth Mowder, V.Pres. Keeper of the Wild, Inc. Charleston/St. George, SC and many were domesticated.

This senseless killing is appalling to me and I am sure to many others who have learned what became of these birds. I understand Ms. Mowder had given you names of rescue groups and others who could have been contacted to rescue these geese, but you never did contact any of them! That is just beyond belief, and one of the most sad examples of animal cruelty I have ever head of.

(Put your name and contact info here, like address or phone number or email addy:)

Andrew Reid is President of Park Rec which is the whole community, [email protected] 

Hilda Davenport is president of Traces & Reflections which is the condos, [email protected]

Source: Beth Mowder, V.Pres.
Keeper of the Wild, Inc.
Charleston/St. George, SC
Federal Permit MB069470-0
NOS, IWRC, PRW, LVT 21yrs/rehab
Specializing in Opossums .

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