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From 29 Aug 2009 Issue

Stray Dogs in Turkey

Fancy a walk in the forests around Istanbul/Turkey, good idea! Read more and find out Make sure to take some food with you for the dogs dumped in the woods by the municipalities. From let’s adopt


“Removal and killing of dogs should never be considered as the most effective way of dealing with a problem of surplus dogs in the community: it has no effect whatsoever on the root cause of the problem.” – Guidelines for Dog Population Management, W.H.O. Geneva 1990 (page 74).

A large number of municipalities in Turkey are sending their stray dogs to the forests circling metropolitan areas; areas where they have neither a piece bread nor a drop of water to survive.

The result of this systematic policy of extermination can be seen in the following pictures. Forests all around Turkey are filled to the brim with dogs collected in the cities, neutered (at times) and then dumped in the middle of the night in a location away from any inhabited settlement. Hundreds, thousands of animals starving and dehydrating to death under the disbelieving eyes of those who drive by.

What you see in this pictures if a massive and general act of breaking the law on the part of Municipalities. Animal welfare Law 5199 clearly states that stray dogs must be neutered and returned to the precise location where they were found. It is somewhat ironic and tragic that laws are being broken with such a blatant nonchalance by those people who were supposed to enforce them.

These so called aggressive dogs….

Another “great event” in Turkey. Did we send you this weeks pictures from the Istanbul woods, now we send you pictures made in Ankara yesterday, a typical day in this country. From WVTA Picture of underbelly of dog we rescued and hope to save but it may be too late.

‘ horrific: dead dogs, prison style cages, puppies with more ticks than you can count on them: there goes the Altindag Stray Animal Rehabilitation Center in Ankara.... There are no words to describe the suffering of these dogs - we can only hope that God will forgive us all for their suffering. 'Well - thought decisions, right steps'. That is the motto of the Altindag Municipality in Ankara. Now, we invite mayor Veysel Tiryaki to take the right steps; and correct the disastrous conditions at this particular facility.” Who dares say it’s not about time to raise our voices and speak for the voiceless. Please write to Turkish government (prime minister’s office) [email protected]  and the Mayor of Altindag/Ankara [email protected] 

More pictures

Source:Linda Taal [email protected]  .

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