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20 Nov 2009 Issue

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Help save Orangutans- Don't buy products that contain palm oil

Description: Palm oil costs the lives of about 50 Orangutans every week, they are shot, knifed, beaten or burnt to death because of loggers who cut and burn their habitat to make way for palm oil plantations. Not only are they causing the loss of Orangutans and other endangered species but the burning is also a major cause of global warming.

Australians consume an average of 10kg of palm oil per person per year. Palm oil is often hidden under the generic title 'vegetable oil' so many Australians are unaware the products they buy contain palm oil. It is used in certain brands of ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, chips, margarine, crackers, cooking oil, toothpaste, soap, body care, cosmetics, detergents, industrial products etc. The Australian Orangutan project says that when it comes to food containing palm oil the list is endless but a good indication is if it states vegetable oil and has no milk products and fats but shows saturated fats in the nutritional panel then it is more than likely palm oil.

WAYS YOU CAN HELP has ways you can help, such as petitions or writing letters to manufacturers to urge them to stop using palm oil from destructive sources and switch to sustainable palm oil or seek out healthier alternatives.

Don't buy products containing palm oil (vegetable oil) you won't just be helping the Orangutans you will also be doing alot for your health as palm oil is high in saturated fats and increases the risk of heart disease.

Go to  for ways to help such as "adopting" an Orangutan for only $55 a year.

I know there are those who care more about giving into their cravings for certain foods than what buying that product is contributing to, there are lots of other foods to enjoy that don't use palm oil. Look at their images I have posted and think what it would be like going without that certain food item compared with all those baby Orangutans that have tolive without their mothers.

Please invite everyone you know to join this group and spread the word about palm oil. Every little bit can help.

The Australian Orangutan Project : Palm Oil Action Source:

THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of our campaign so far. We now need people to help us keep up the momentum and reach our next goal: there removal of Palm Oil from all Woolworths Home brand products.

The Carbonator

The Carbonator

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