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30 Jan 2010 Issue

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URGENT: Bulls Tortured By Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival!

Every year on the weekend closest to November 13, a bizarre and nightmarish festival known as "Toro Jubilo" is held in Soria, Spain. During this unspeakably horrific event, residents affix balls of flammable tar (or pitch) to the horns of terrified, restrained bulls. The bulls' horns are then set on fire, and the panicked animals—who are either tied to stakes in public squares or released to run madly through the streets—are left to burn.

For hours, the tar burns like a bonfire on the bulls' heads, scorching their faces, eyes, and bodies. Many burning bulls reportedly crash into walls in agony and blind terror. Their carcasses are later divided among the participants for consumption; residents apparently believe that consuming the flesh of the tortured animals confers fertility and invincibility.

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This video you are about to view gives you a chance to see for yourself how brutal and terrifying this practice is. It certainly isn't fun for the bull who eventually ends up dying. Please watch the video and sigh the petition objecting to this horror

Bull On Fire In L'Ampolla, Spain

Bull On Fire In L'Ampolla, Spain

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