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What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Deer Hunting

By John Karliscek

Every year our Government mandates the killing of many deer under the guise of few insipid excuses. These serious concerns present as follows: to prevent the inevitable starvation of deer due to lack of food, to prevent deer/car accidents and to end the insidious encroachment of deer onto private property, where they nibble on various trees, plants and flowers. This is carried out by avid, blood thirsty bow hunters. Some, professional bow hunters, others, amateur bow hunters that are approved after a Wildlife Officials assesses their skills.

This test is carried out with a somber and stringent agenda. It requires the Wildlife Official to dress as a deer and run, zipping, darting and leaping to and fro across an empty field while screaming, "Help me, I am starving to death." Now to pass this test you must fail to shoot the Wildlife Official. With these credentials you are a now a match for any professional killer of deer and almost a bona fide man. Almost?

Most deer shot by a bow and arrow don't die immediately, but struggle on after being shot. Finally they collapse and decease. This process can take a while, with the deer obviously suffering and terrified and the poor hunters just losing their patience, waiting for them to die already!

As I pointed out one of the biggest reasons given for killing these deer is their lack of food and inevitable death due to starvation. Isn't that nice of hunters to thin the herds and there by assure enough food for the deer that remain? The odd thing about this though, have you ever seen a starving deer killed by a hunter? Have they no compassion for the extremely bony, half dead deer?

I notice during hunting season, when all the brave hunters grab their weapons of choice and get their kill, the deer, usually tied a top their cars, are always well fed and healthy corpses. I find it strange that in their quest to end the starvation they never humanely kill a starving, skinny and suffering animal? Rather odd, don't you think? Wonder why this is? HMMMM

Deer are native to our country and the areas where hunting takes place. They have lived here hundreds of years quite nicely without our help. Yes, it is true, we weren't here to help them, imagine how they struggled!!! NOT! Why now do they need are intervention? Why the concern about starving deer?

What about the other wildlife that lives here all year round?? No one cares if they starve or not? I find that rather heartless. Lord knows I hate to walk in the woods in the winter, all the dead and dying animals strewn about everywhere. I am not even going to mention the squirrels in my yard, they lie there like dead leaves for God's sake. Do you think I ever have a white Christmas? NO!!! It is all dead animals, all over my yard, starved to death. I try and feed them all but what can one person do??

Lets get back to the deer and other questions I keep pondering in my mind. I am trying to just kinda get my head wrapped around all these possible agendas.

I just find it rather odd that the Wildlife Experts are not aware that Mother Nature looks after her own. It is common knowledge among those of us that have a true concern for deer that they manage to keep the numbers in their herds regulated. Kill off a lot of members in a herd, the doe will have two or sometimes even three fawns. If indeed the herd is too large the deer will have only one fawn, keeping the size in proportion to their feeding and living area.

Is it possible that I am smarter, more educated on this subject then the experts? Do you think?? I don't know, maybe I should call and tell them. I really hate to embarrass them but this thinning of the herd thing is maybe a bunch of bull??

Now another one of their vapid reasons to kill deer is to prevent the accidents they cause when running into or across a road; in front of or into a car. Really now, are you trying to tell me if you kill some deer during hunting season this assures there will then be no more accidents?? Wow, so now not only do hunters go searching for all the starving deer but also the ones that cause accidents. Have you ever heard of a more noble group than these hunters. They amazes me, they can actually tell which deer will cause an accident, clairvoyant bunch indeed.

A lot of this problem could be solved by putting reflectors on the road so deer see your car moving toward them, frightening them off into another direction. Signs can also be erected warning drivers in areas where deer may cross the roads. Last we can certainly slow down a bit and drive cautiously through these areas, I only bring this up just in case the hunters missed a deer that might run into a road. This is a dedicated bunch, these hunters, it's quite humbling indeed, oh the humanity. Wow!

No one takes a car accident lightly, I know that. While we are on the subject, what about all the people killed by drunk drivers? Some of these drivers have even been ticketed and jailed numerous times for their intoxication while driving... What gives with that and why are they are always right back on the road driving, licensed or not?? I believe 50% of accidents are caused by drunk drivers, not deer. Is it just me or should we be thinning out that herd too?? Just keep them isolated and sober?

Last but not least, the deer and eating of the plant life, be it tree, shrub or flower I got a real plan here. If you don't want deer in your yard don't buy a house next to a woods or park. Pretty simple huh?. No?? You have to be by nature you just don't like what comes with it? Hmm !

Here's another little idea, buy plants, trees and flowers they don't eat. Your yard can look just as nice with landscaping that is repugnant to deer. Now if that doesn't work for you, since after all, this world is all about we humans, you can always buy repellents that keep deer off and out of your very precious greenery and blooms. See I solved that whole problem for you.

So we can file all excuses for harvesting deer into our circular file. Bye, bye non issues, solved.

Since I have helped everyone see how pointless this culling of the herd is. I think we can see we are being duped. Deer are dying just so humans can have the pleasure of killing and eating them. This being followed by the most important part of this debacle, the hanging of the deer heads on the walls of their homes or clubhouses.

That is a good look isn't it? I wonder why we don't hang the heads of all the animals we kill or eat on our walls? It could be like a new trend, instead of "keeping up with the Jones," we would be "keeping a head of the Jones!"

Such a great idea, but since I am a vegan I guess I would have to use cabbage heads and potato eyes on my wall, sigh... life isn't fair...yet!

John Karliscek


Editors note, below is a post from Tia on Facebook concerning deer hunting with a video of the incident...

The Craven, spineless sadists in action
By Tia

A friend of mine wrote me an e-mail about a pregnant doe found in her friend’s property. She took her camera to video tape the blood trail of the poor suffering deer which went for almost a half a mile. The blood trail was on the road too, which shows how bow hunting can cause Deer Vehicle Accidents. She also traveled quite a distance trying to survive– maybe for the sake of her unborn. Please watch how bow hunted deer die every year by the millions thanks to the heartless disgusting bow hunters of America and throughout the world….

The abstract effects will become tangible consequences and next time the victim may be you….

Tia's Note: This is what those cowardly people who administer Death Park aka Shawnee Mission Park are doing to our beloved, innocent, and sentient deer at the time of this posting--despite the fact that there is/was no longer a deer over-population problem. Craven, spineless sadists inaction.

Pregnant Doe Wounded By Bowhunters In Ohio

Pregnant Doe Wounded By Bowhunters In Ohio

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