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30 Jan 2010 Issue

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What The Egg And Poultry Industry Doesn't Want You To Know And Certainly Not See

Baby Chicks Ground Up Alive At Hatchery

Baby Chicks Ground Up Alive At Hatchery

Eggs are NOT Dairy

On January 4th, 2010, North Carolina's Star News resported:

"...millions of salmonella-infected eggs reach American supermarkets every year."

Eggs are sold in the supermarket dairy section. People who keep Kosher consider eggs to belong to the dairy food group. Unless a food first comes out of a cow's udder, it's not dairy. In case you were wondering, I consider pus to be dairy.

I do not personally eat eggs because of both health and ethical considerations.

I will not discuss the ethical issues here. If you seek more information in that regard, visit Karen Davis's website:

My first concern is your body's health.

When rotten eggs begin to stink, there is no greater offensive stench. That's because eggs naturally contain so much sulfur.

Animal proteins contain an excess of the amino acid, methionine (which converts to homocysteine). The center atom of methionine is sulfur.

When you eat animal proteins, they create an acid condition in your blood. Imagine the essence of rotten eggs infusing into your bloodstream. We cannot afford to lose bone density, but this is how the human body compensates, by leaching calcium from the bones of egg eaters to neutralize the acid.

So, that is why I avoid eggs, even though I once loved to eat them. Combined with the way they are produced, and the concentrated chemicals within, I've eliminated them from my diet.

If you were eliminating one food group at a time on the path to adopting a plant-based (vegan) diet here is the order that I would advise:

FIRST: Eliminate all milk and dairy
SECOND: Eliminate all poultry and eggs
THIRD: Eliminate all seafood
FOURTH: Eliminate all pork
FIFTH: Eliminate all beef

As a rule, the higher up one goes on the food chain, the more concentrated are the toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, and PCBs in their flesh and body fluids.

Robert Cohen

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