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15 March 2010 Issue

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Protect African Elephants: Extend the Ban on Ivory Trade

African elephant populations across the continent are suffering. Yet -- despite an international ban on its trade -- demand for ivory is increasing, largely as a result of one-off sales of stockpiles. This month, the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) will address new one-off sale requests from Zambia and Tanzania.

(This is a picture of an elephant killed for its tusks (Ivory!) Pitiful and disgusting. This is what greed, love of money and callowness looks like. Nothing in the world is worth the suffering and murder of this innocent , defenseless elephant. Animals aren't commodities!!!!)

Don't let countries fuel ivory demand. Tell U.S. Congress to reject requests to relax the ban on ivory trade. Sign the petition at end of article.

Patrick Omondi, the head of species conservation and management at the Kenyan Wildlife Services, testified before Congress urging them to reject Zambia and Tanzania's requests. He wants to extend the current moratorium on ivory trade from nine to 20 years to protect the elephants. Kenya and 23 other nations in the African Elephant Coalition support these proposals.

(Look at all these elephant tusks, imagine the number of animals that died in anguish so poachers could sell their body part. This is an outrage!!!) I African elephants are already listed as threatened. Don't let demand for their tusks put them at further risk from poachers. Tell Congress to extend the ivory trade ban and reject Tanzania and Zambia's requests for one-off sales.

Thanks for taking action!

Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Learn more, watch the video.

Read the petition and sign please:, Inc..

International Groups Curb Ivory Trade To Save Elephants

International Groups Curb Ivory Trade To Save Elephants

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