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26 May 2010 Issue

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WIN! No Horse Slaughter Plants In Missouri, For Now

Missouri Rep. Jim Viebrock wanted to kill horses. So he proposed House Bill 1747 to sidestep a federal ban on U.S. horse slaughter. Kinship Circle issued a 3/21/10 letter campaign urging MO House Reps to reject legislation to legalize horse processing plants in Missouri. From there, it got weird.

Some MO Reps harassed Kinship Circle to the extent a police report was filed. And the House seemingly passed its bill as revenge against animal advocates. Then, Rep Viebrock covertly attached horse slaughter provisions to unrelated Senate Bill 795. He thought no one would notice?

But in the end YOUR VOICE -- along with support from rational Missouri legislators -- proved stronger than the pro-slaughter extremists.

Against a backdrop of strong public protest from around the world, the Missouri Congressional session closed yesterday with language to legalize horse slaughter rejected. Thanks to all who wrote, faxed, emailed, called and mailed on behalf of horses. Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle

MISSOURIANS: Thank State Senators And Reps In Your District * Express your gratitude that provisions to legalize horse slaughter in Missouri were rejected. * Tell them that their stance on animal protection issues will effect your future voting decisions.

Weird Odyssey: How Missouri Tried & Failed to Revive U.S. Horse Slaughter

5/15/10 - MISSOURI SESSION ENDS WITH HORSE SLAUGHTER A DEAD ISSUE 2010 MO Legislature / PASSED - SB795 AGRICULTURE: Increases some regulations relating to agriculture, including rules concerning large carnivores, but does not create mechanism to allow horse slaughter plants in Missouri.

5/11/10 - S.B. 795 STUCK IN COMMITTEE S.B. 795 is in conference committee because Missouri's Senate cannot agree on the House Committee Substitute that passed the House with amendments -- including: pro-horse slaughter provisions.

5/7/10 - HORSE SLAUGHTER PROVISIONS STILL HIDDEN IN S.B. 795 Original horse kill bill 1747 -- that was covertly attached to S.B. 795 (an unrelated bill) -- is NOT REMOVED from S.B. 795, as formerly believed.

5/2/10 - SOME REPS RENEW HARASSMENT OF KINSHIP CIRCLE MO House Reps debate the House Committee Substitute version of S.B. 795. Animal Law Coalition and R.A.G.E. ask their members to send comments opposing inclusion of horse slaughter language in S.B. 795. Although Kinship Circle itself has issued no alert on horse slaughter since 3/21/10, some Reps bounce hundreds of unread emails (from members of these other groups) to Kinship Circle's computer -- from May 1 to the present!

4/30/10 - IT DOESN'T GET MUCH SLEAZIER THAN THIS Chair of the Missouri Senate Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee, Sen. Dan Clemens, states "there will be no further legislative progress on H.B. 1747." But Rep James Viebrock has already attached provisions to legalize horse slaughter to an unrelated bill. S.B. 795, with horse slaughter attached, passes the House Agriculture Committee.

4/6/10: HARASSMENT OF KINSHIP CIRCLE MAKES FRONT-PAGE NEWS St. Louis Post Dispatch runs a front page story about Missouri House Representatives tampering with public information and harassing Kinship Circle: State Legislators Target Activist. Post also runs an editorial against killing horses and hounding activists, Squirrelly about animals in the Frog Kingdom. An Associated Press version runs in Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, CBS News, Yahoo News, and more papers nationwide.

In an attempt to silence our opposition to horse slaughter... -- Some Reps forward 2,000+ unread emails to Kinship Circle's server.

-- Rep. Casey Guernsey, R-Bethany memorably tells our members: "It's so fun to piss you wackos off. You're lucky I even acknowledge your existence. It's so much fun to taunt people like you -- ha! Tell me, is it truly liberating to be so incredibly clueless?"

-- In a call to Kinship Circle's line, from CALLER ID: Missouri State 573-522-0000, a male voice screams a tribal war chant...and hangs up.

-- In another call a man sings "A Horse Is A Horse," from the movie Mr. Ed.

-- In a 10:00pm call, a creepy male voice drones "Brenda, Brenda, Brenda...neigh...Brenda...neigh..." in reference to Kinship Circle's Brenda Shoss. This call leads her to file a police report.

-- Other calls from unidentified Reps begin with a menacing "Hey Brenda..." In one call: "There aren't but three people here [the MO House] who care for you or your organization... Your group has guaranteed passage of this bill...[because of] frickin' emails from everyone in the world!"

Animal Law Coalition,
Laura Allen

Source:Kinship Circle <[email protected] >.

Horse Slaughter: Cruelty Uncovered

Horse Slaughter: Cruelty Uncovered

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