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25 August 2010 Issue

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Should Pet Stores Be Banned From Selling Companion Animals?

Too Late

Too Late

Some communities are considering banning the sale of pets in pet stores.

Recently, a proposal in San Francisco that would ban the sell of companion animals in pet stores has received a lot of attention in the popular media (CNN, Fox News and others). This proposal has proven to be quite controversial, with some people fiercely defending the ban and others strongly stating that the ban is unwarranted.

Why ban the sell of companion animals in pet stores?

One of the primary reasons to ban the sale of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other companion animals in pet stores is the fact that many of these animals come from puppy mills and similar facilities. These types of facilities have come under fire for the conditions in which the animals housed there are kept. Animals housed in these facilities have been found housed in small cages with wire bottoms and often receive very little socialization or human contact. Veterinary care for these animals is often lacking and many of the animals are sick and malnourished. Some of these facilities have even been found with dead animals housed next to or even in the same cage with live animals.

Supporters of the ban feel that removing pet stores as an outlet for the animals produced by these puppy mills and similar facilities will help to put these facilities out of business by removing the demand for the animals they produce.

Proponents of the ban also point to the large numbers of pets that are euthanized annually in shelters and humane societies throughout the United States. Many of these pets are the same pets that are currently being sold in pet stores throughout the country.


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