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Taxpayers Funds Support Needless Slaughter of Baby 4-H Animals

Response to Triblocal Article:

"Taxpayers Funds Support Needless Slaughter of Baby 4-H Animals"
By Rachel Lee Allen

First, 4-H activities that involve children raising an animal for later sale and slaughter renders those children helpless against an extremely ugly form of emotional child abuse, as well as helpless against a bloodlust tradition that seeks to invade their minds and smother to death their inborn compassion, their divine spark of love and mercy. Children come to us in newborn innocence, but then we set about making them "Fall" -- much as the Biblical account of Adam and Eve being exiled to desert lands, humans set about to exile the innocent, loving child into a barren land, devoid of mercy, devoid of compassion.

I am not a city dweller or "suburbanite"; I am a grandmother living on wooded acreage in rural Florida. I grew up in the South eating from tables often laden with fried pork chops and collard greens swimming in bacon grease. Many people back then had no knowledge of the harm they did to themselves by consuming such food--and they had no idea of the damage wrought upon the planet by the productions of that food. And certainly, most did not recognize animals as having any value beyond filling a cook pot. But with passage of time, consults with cardiologists, and opening our eyes, and hearts, and minds to the suffering of "meat" animals, many of us evolved past that place of poisoning our own bodies, as well as past moving past the torture and killing of animals to satisfy our cravings for flesh.

I find abhorrent the wanton murder of billions of sentient non-human animals every year by human animals; humans represent only one category of animal, and we have determined that the highest and best use for our highly developed intellectual prowess involves savagery, savagery against the planet's other beautiful creatures, brutalizing and slaughtering them without remorse; savagery against our planet, raping the forests and poisoning our water and air, all to support breeding even more helpless animals to torture and kill; and finally, savagery against our own bodies and the bodies of our children, ourselves eating and likewise feeding to them gore on a fork, decaying dead flesh which will ultimately ravage our bodies and theirs with disease.

Some claim themselves as the head of the food chain and have no compassion for the suffering of God's creatures--even so, they should be able to recognize the dark enormity of what their meat consumption supports: meat consumption not only leads to starvation deaths in many parts of the world, not only leads to the pillaging and death of our environment, but it also leads to diseases such as colon cancer, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), diabetes, hypertension, obesity, to name a few. I know this to be true--I have numerous dead and dying relatives to prove it.

Some people argue that they have a personal choice to eat meat; certainly, one may have the "personal choice" to destroy their own bodies and their own health, but they do NOT have the "personal choice" to participate in the starvation of other humans and the destruction of our earth, our water, and our air which belongs not to them alone, but to all of us, human and non-human.

I agree with Matthew Scully, author of "Dominion," when he says, "How we treat our fellow creatures is only one more way in which each of us, every day, writes our own epitaph—bearing into the world a message of light and life or just more darkness and death, adding to its joy or its despair."

By Rachel Lee Allen.

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