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25 September 2010 Issue

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Warriors: Stop Poaching and Bushmeat

About Bush Warriors

There is a war taking place on our planet for which there are no headlines, no demonstrations, and no voice. It is a war against some of the most endangered species on our planet and it takes place in some of the most majestic, and unexplored biospheres of the world. Unseen and untouched by the Western world, these places are well-suited to commit atrocious acts in hiding.

An African Wild Dog dead after becoming entangled in a poacher’s snare.

The purpose of the Bush Warriors Organization is to create global awareness about the plight of the world’s wildlife and biodiversity. Many human activities are responsible for species declines around the globe. Exploding human demand for animals and their body parts is fueling some of the most horrific, inhumane, exploitative crimes against wildlife— poaching, bushmeat trade, exotic animal trade, and so much more. Some of the world’s most popular animals— elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, dolphins, bears, and more— are on the brink of extinction because of this. At the current poaching rate these species are estimated to permanently disappear from their natural habitat within the next 20 years. Some, such as central African Elephants, could be gone in less than 3 years.

 This war on wildlife can be stopped when enough people in the world stand up and demand it to come to an end immediately. In order for this to happen, more need to know about the devastating impacts that wildlife poaching, animal trafficking, and the bushmeat trade are having on the world’s remaining wildlife populations and the communities that co-exist with these species. It is public outcry about these issues that will force change and save earth’s biodiversity. This is why we want to get you, fellow Bush Warriors, involved in our efforts to raise awareness.

The ultimate goal of Bush Warriors is to go extinct. We want to be the ONLY thing that goes extinct. Our extinction would mean there is no more need to raise awareness about the plight of wildlife because all species are THRIVING in absence of the current wildlife genocide. We hope to get the global community involved to save wildlife and give us no reason to exist. We invite you to join us to fight on behalf of voiceless creatures around the globe and bring victory for wildlife!

Photo credit: Jim Zuckerman

We will soon be launching the Bush Warriors Fund, by which we will partner with small, community-based, grassroots conservation organizations to support various projects that will boost conservation efforts and have major impacts for protecting wildlife and biodiversity.



Asante sana,
Dori and The Bush Warriors Clan

BREAKING NEWS: Five Rhinos Killed Over Weekend and Major Rhino Poaching Syndicate Busted As Citizens Around Globe Prepare for World Rhino Day

It is with great sorrow that we must report the slaughtering of yet another five rhinos in South Africa over the weekend, bringing the total to 210 so far this year. The poaching took place in a Pilanesberg nature reserve and were discovered by staff who were tasked with counting the reserve’s rhinos this past weekend. They found four carcasses, all shot and horns hacked off their bodies. The fifth rhino was found to have survived the attack, with a gunshot to the back and also missing its horns. The survivor later succumbed to his injuries. These five tragic deaths follow the rhino attack we told you about this morning, a female that has miraculously survived being shot nine times and also lost her horn.

Just hours ago, South Africa’s Eyewitness news reported that South African police busted a major poaching syndicate in the early hours of Monday morning. Police were able to apprehend nine individuals thought to be the most senior members of a poaching syndicate arrested thus far. Speaking on behalf of the South African Police, Vish Naidoo explains the raid began at 6:00 A.M. and among those arrested were two veterinarians and a game farmer. The nine suspected criminals will appear in court on Wednesday morning, and police are withholding details at this time in order to protect evidence in their ongoing investigation. They say more arrests could be made before Wednesday’s court appearance.

Sadly, the loss of the five rhinos comes only days before the recently announced ‘World Rhino Day’, which will take place Wednesday, September 22nd. The day serves as a culmination of a month-long campaign launched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in effort to raise awareness about the urgent matters pushing rhinos towards extinction at shocking rates and send a powerful message to world leaders that it is time to take serious action against rhino poaching immediately. Starting at 1:00 PM PM Central Africa Time (CAT), global citizens are encouraged to “make noise for rhinos” by tooting their vuvuzelas or any other horns you have.

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