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25 September 2010 Issue

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Man Killed In Apparent Bow-Hunting Accident

Bow Hunting Accident

Bow Hunting Accident

Cowlitz Co. man killed in apparent bow-hunting accident

Cowlitz County sheriff's officer says an apparent "freak accident" involving two bow hunters has killed one of them.

KELSO, Wash. A Cowlitz County sheriff's officer says an apparent "freak accident" involving two bow hunters has killed one of them.

Capt. Corey Huffine said 50-year-old Benny White of Kelso was fatally injured Friday while hunting near Toutle with a friend.

Huffine says White and Ben Guay of Rainier spotted an elk and got out of their pickup to follow it. The officer says Guay reports that White was in the lead when he stopped suddenly - and the hunting arrow in Guay's compound bow pierced his friend's back.

The officer says Guay helped White back into the truck and drove toward town, flagging down a deputy for help, but White died before he could be transported to a hospital.

Huffine tells The Daily News of Longview the second hunter had not fired his bow and calls it "just a freak accident."

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