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26 January 2011 Issue

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Open Letter To Ingrid E.Newkirk, Is Peta Falling Down?

By John Karliscek

QUOTE BY INGRID: Animal rights campaigners expressed their outrage at the use of dogs by British forces in Afghanistan. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: "dogs are not tools or "innovations" and are not ours to use and toss away like empty Ammunition shells"

Really Ingrid, is that your true feelings? Because in your issue of Animal Times, Winter 2010, you certainly find shelter animals (like dogs) an easily disposable commodity.

What happened to the woman, who with Alex Pacheco, erupted, blazing on the ripe horizon with your now infamous landmark expose of the egregious abuse of the Silver Springs Monkeys? From making headlines with you bold actions PETA has grown into a household name. A champion for all animals, you have made amazing progress for all Animal Rights Activists and inspired a world. Many loved you, many hated you, but no one is left with a neutral opinion of your insightful work.

It is well known you and Alex Pacheco parted ways in 1996 when you moved PETA's headquarters from Rockville, Maryland to Norfolk, Virginia. At the time Alex chose to move to Los Angeles then in 1998 to Florida where he began his interest in implementing No Kill regions.

So Ingrid lets get back to the real subject here, what happened to you? You have dropped the ball regarding shelter animals, your attitude is totally negative, your arguments are misleading, and deceptive. Frankly speaking Ingrid you almost border on lying by deception. Your latest edition of Animal Times was a manipulative bit of double talk and buzz words.

First we have in Animal Times, Winter 2010 the ever so condescending...A message From Ingrid E. Newkirk. Your twisted bit of fluff on Euthanasia is laughable. Your unimaginative solution to murder all abandoned and stray animals is flawed. You completely avoided the fact that Kill Shelters are a business, yes a business of selling and killing animals. They sell many animal for vivisection (Pound Seizure) and a lot of their dead corpses are sold to universities and hospitals for dissection. Killing animals can be very profitable.

In this same issue you also wrote a very biased and negative column, a deceptive and damning article on No Kill Shelters. I think it is time PETA steps back and makes room for a more positive forward thinking group. It should be abundantly apparent to you by now Ingrid, after over 100 years of killing these animals, it doesn't work. You write, like a deluded, inappropriately euphoric teenager in love, only your infatuation is a damning and insipid death sentence. You wrote this insensitive and illogical comment


What color is the sky in your world? Are you so alacritous in encouraging the end these animals' lives you salivate at the idea? Your rhetoric is vehement in this kill, kill mindset.

"Dog being Euthanized in a peaceful exit from life" promoted by PETA...
Does this look like a wonderful experience to you INGRID?

Ingrid your organization takes on virtually all animal issues. PETA's capacity to expose, advocate, and indoctrinate sweeping reforms in the cesspools of animal abuse is mind boggling. Like a proud Oak tree, PETA stands tall and looming with your many branches reaching like loving tentacles, embracing the suffering animals. What happened? You, a woman that has taken on huge corporations, became a Global power is stupefied as to a solution to the excess populace of domestic animals?

Ingrid you are either for all animals or against them. You are at best a confusing, pious contradiction of your own theologies. You write about the 21 cats rescued by PETA and I assume so enchantingly killed, or as you advocate given a peaceful exit from life without their permission.

You mention you have spared them from facing any dangers, like you aren't the ultimate threat, giving them no option but death. It doesn't get more final than that! Now in your message you said these cats faced many dangers, freezing, being shot, poisoned, set on fire, hanged from trees or hit by cars. Didn't you forget your death agenda? I believe giving them a lethal shot of Sodium Pentobarbital is poisoning them, is it not? Lethal does mean deadly!

I have seen videos of these unfortunate animals, as you put it, receiving a peaceful exit from life. Guess what Ingrid, they weren't looking too happy, in fact, they were extremely frightened, stressed, pitiful, vulnerable creatures, quivering bravely, trusting these paid killers not to exterminate them! One minute they were alive, bravely clinging to hope for their lives. Instead they whence as the needle is threaded into their vein and they are injected with an overdose of this innocuous fluid, Sodium Pentobarbital and they fall over dead. Their demise just a number on some chart, another corpse, disposable and dismissed forever from any hope or future.

You may call being terrified, held prisoner by human predators that take your life against your will a peaceful exit from life. I call it as it is MURDER! Not only is this tragedy despicable and unnecessary, the sad fact s, this pleasant picture you presented of euthanasia is not necessarily the norm, not at all.

You either are not educated in this area, the euthanasia of domestic animals or you almost lied by omission. There are many forms of euthanasia that are extremely painful, cruel, inhumane and agonizing. The gas chamber and heart stick are miserable ways to die. The heart stick needs to be administered under very strict and astringent circumstance with two people assisting in the killing. Most puppies and kittens are killed by the heart stick without sedation as their veins are too small for the peaceful exit from life.

Then lets not forget those who kill these animals in a cruel and inappropriate fashion with absolutely no concern for these animals misery and terror. Not sedating an animal before heart-sticking them, using the squeezebox to hold them secure so workers can effortlessly plunge the needle into their heart or chest cavity. Many animals have writhed in agony for quite a few minutes because indifferent shelter workers have filled their lungs or chest cavity with the liquid death. The gas chamber is no better, cramming animals into the machine, piled on each other like a container of garbage, where they lose control of their bowels, bladder, and they vomit and struggle to live as the noxious gas slowly kills them. These aren't pleasant exists from life. They are as unfortunates a fate as those you suggest all animal face if not sheltered and killed.

Ingrid domestic animals lives are as important as any other animal and you personally are contemptible in your flawed justification of the murders of millions of these animals each year. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. You Ingrid lose this one. Your credibility is becoming dismal and vague. You are as replaceable to many of us as those domestic animals you find so easy to murder. You fool no one with your article in which you paint brush the act into some pretty favor you have betrothed to them. You are becoming obsolete real fast, double talk doesn't play with all of us working to successfully to implement No Kill Shelters and we aren't bowing to your archaic and cozy murder rhetoric you so piously advocate.

Are you jealous or threatened by of Nathan Winograd's successes. Here is the reality, euthanasia of domestic animals is unacceptable, cruel and ineffective. It has proved to be ineffective for over 100 years, solutions and alternative actions are available. We don't need you to attempt to discourage our new and effective endeavors and distribute misleading information regarding No Kill Shelters. Ingrid you're old news. Your stubborn determination to continue to support euthanizing domestic animals is forming a huge crevice in the foundation of PETA and people aren't accepting your archaic, draconian and flawed mandates!

I really think Ingrid, you have lost sight of a lot of the original theologies of PETA. Alex left and is long gone, now working on the new concepts of No Kill Regions, this speaks for itself.

PETA may be beginning to descend as more forward thinking, positive advocates willing to explore new solutions to varied animal issues speak out. To embrace the concept that there is no possible alternative to the euthanasia of domestic animals ,suggest you Ingrid have lost some of your drive, your energy and problem solving attributes.

If you are going to roll over and play dead on this issue and then deceptively represent No Kill Shelters as hoarders with examples of flawed attempts made by uninformed, ill advised shelters you are only going to gain the criticism and contempt of a large number of people. You can't overlook and condescendingly discredit the many successful efforts and works of such people as Nathan Winograd, it will evolve into a blatant and dismal reflection of your credibility.

Your negativity and deception in your article in Animal Times "Hoarders. Coming to an Animal Shelter Near You" is just another step downward as PETA descends into the past, replaced by new organizations more fitting in our present times.

Ingrid there is only one thing that is absolute, that is change. That you support a stagnant option, the murder of healthy animals in your foolish, misleading, discouraging article is quite an abomination indeed. The rest of us are rapidly moving forward, you can breath our dust as we surge into the future where we chose the option of life over death and you remain sitting there belligerent, foolishly arrogant and old news!


Please watch this video ... DOG BLESS YOU
In the United States alone, as many as ten million animals enter shelters each year and millions must be euthanized due to lack of space. Explore visits the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley ( the first no-kill shelter in Idaho and finds out how the shelter staff rescues, protects, and finds homes for abandoned dogs and cats.


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