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26 January 2011 Issue

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Pigeon Shoot Cowards Intentionally Shoot Down Angel Aircraft - Corrupt Authorities Do Nothing

Dear Friends,

We decided the best way to begin the new year was to deal with animal abuse. Sunday, January 2, SHARK activists and activists from a local animal protection group called Kutztown University Vegetarian Education Group (VEG) documented and protested outside another vile live pigeon shoot at the now infamous Wing Pointe.

One of our Angel aircraft was on the job, documenting the abuse. Suddenly we heard different sounding shots - either a shotgun with slugs, or a rifle. That was odd since the shoot was temporarily paused for a cleanup. Furthermore, Wing Pointe supposedly bans rifles or shotguns with more than small shot.

Suddenly, the Angel dropped from the sky into some trees. We suspected, but couldn't prove that it had been shot down.

The Angel is tracked by computer, so we knew just where it was. Janet Enoch, and Pennsylvania activist Gloria Senavitis went onto club property to get the Angel. One of the cowards grabbed Janet, so the police were called.

This creep grabbed Janet Enoch as she requested the return of SHARK's Angel. He shoots the bird of peace and grabs women. Wow. His momma must be proud.

When Pennsylvania State Trooper Derek Beck arrived, he appeared to be trying to do his job. When Wing Pointe owner Joseph Solana Jr. attempted to stuff something inside Janet Enoch's pocket, Trooper Beck made Solana stop. Then Trooper Beck told Solana that he should hand over the Angel. Solana refused. Trooper Beck told Solana that withholding the aircraft could result in a felony charge. Still, Solana refused. Then, strangely, Trooper Beck took the matter no farther.

In spite of losing the aircraft, we went on to gather video documentation of the cruel shoot and the cowardly shooters with our ground cameras.

SHARK activists protesting the Jan. 2 pigeon shoot at Wing Pointe.

Predictably, Berks County District Attorney John Adams has done nothing about the criminal shooting down of the Angel. That's no surprise, since Adams has accepted campaign contributions from pigeon shooters, and has a history of rejecting cruelty complaints from Pennsylvania humane police officers. SHARK has even uploaded a YouTube video about Adams titled, "Is this Pennsylvania's Most Corrupt Politician?"

After returning home, we started looking at our video evidence, and what we found was worth more than gold. Our cameras proved that our Angel aircraft was shot down. This was no accident, but rather, a deliberate, premeditated act.

The pigeon shooters thought that they could stop us by shooting the Angel down. What they didn't know was that the Angel was transmitting its video images back to us, and that we were recording everything on the ground. Now, we're posted a YouTube video of the shoot down which you can see for yourself:

Animal Abusers Shoot Down Aircraft

Animal Abusers Shoot Down Aircraft

We contacted Trooper Beck to tell him what we had. What a difference a few days can make in Pennsylvania. The trooper who seemed to want to do his job a few days earlier now wanted to get as far away from this issue as possible.

That's what happens in Pennsylvania. The corrupting power of the pigeon shoot mafia seems to know no bounds there. Crimes are committed, but the "authorities" do nothing if those committing the crimes have connections.

Now we are in a fight to retrieve the Angel. Of course, if the cowardly pigeon killers think we are stopped, they will very soon find out otherwise.

When it comes to the "Three Cs" of animal abuse (Cruelty, Cowardice & Corruption), there just seems to be an endless supply of the stuff in Pennsylvania. When it comes to justice, Pennsylvania's system seems to be akin to that of North Korea. The people with clout get whatever they want, and everyone else is out of luck.

Looking forward, I hope as many people as possible will join us as we peacefully protest and document the next Wing Pointe shoot on February 19 & 20. Yes, the cowards will actually spend two days killing the bird of peace. These scum ugly clowns are the very definition of despicable. Speaking of scum ugly, see our latest video about the scum ugly of PA: Beautiful Pigeons, Scum Ugly Shooters -

Show that you really care about animals by taking a stand against both cruelty and corruption, and joining us and other compassionate people on February 19 and 20.

SHARK Brings Pigeon Shoots to New Pennsylvania Legislators.

Tuesday, January 4 was the day new legislators were sworn in. SHARK showed video in the capitol building in Harrisburg to an overflow crowd. Being Pennsylvania, not everyone was receptive, but we sure gave people an eyeful.

Pam Murray and Janet Enoch are ready to answer questions in front of SHARK's video display in the Pennsylvania's state capitol.

One noteworthy incident happened as we were loading up our van after the event. Four ladies in our group were approached by four men who asked them about the pigeon shoot issue. What was extremely obvious was that these goons already knew about it, and that they just wanted to have some fun at the expense of the ladies.

Once they started harassing the ladies, I stepped up and had a few carefully chosen words for them. In the end, I told them that there wasn't a man among them. That shut three of them up. The fourth clown started whimpering about how he hadn't said anything, and how I was "labeling" him.

In that case, he also didn't say anything about his three cohorts harassing the women. I restated my belief that there wasn't a man among them, and they sulked off like spanked brats.

I don't know what they put in the water in Pennsylvania to end up with so many poor excuses for men, but that just means that those with active brain cells and compassion must stand stronger to make positive change.

Here's the bottom line. The cruel, careless NRA is everywhere, not just in Pennsylvania. Corrupt politicians are in every state, not just PA. As the numerous and varied out-of-state licenses on cars at the pigeon shoots demonstrate, there are cruel people that come from every state. The difference in Pennsylvania therefore must lie with the quality of the activists. There are a few good, strong and caring people in PA, no question about that. We've worked with them, and they are great.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch who somehow believe that ignoring the pigeon shoots, or brown-nosing politicians will get the job done. Mind you, that approach hasn't worked in more than a quarter of a century, but I guess these people feel that if they ignore the issue even more, or brownnose even more, that will somehow work.

Those people couldn't be more wrong.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, those people are insane. SHARK is pushing forward with the fight against pigeon shoots. I ask that every activist everywhere do just a little something to help when possible. Perhaps just a quick phone call or email to a PA politician when we call for that, or something else as developments occur. Activists in PA are obviously in a position to take much stronger action. It is time to stand up, speak out loud and strong, and absolutely refuse to consider failure as an option.

The cruel cowardice of Pennsylvania's pigeon shoots should have been outlawed a hundred years ago, but as I said, they must have something in the water there. Perhaps some kind of cruelty/cowardice virus that affects some people. There is only one cure, and that is compassion. If you have it, show it. The time for half measures is over.

Kindest Regards,
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society. Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

source: (Steve Hindi)

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