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26 January 2011 Issue

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Dog Sterilization Product Being Developed

Studies show it is simple, safe and effective.

Dr. Nancy Hampel
Dr. Richard Johnson
Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway
El Cajon, CA 92021

May 1, 2010

Dear Doctors Hampel and Johnson,
I am writing to you, as two of the leading veterinarians in the country,
to bring to your attention an important development in veterinary medicine
which I am certain will be of interest to you: a dog sterilization pill.

The development I’m writing about can help address a problem which costs American taxpayers and private citizens almost $2 billion each year; a problem which also causes the needless deaths of millions of man’s best friends, dogs … as well as cats.

Bottom line: The dog sterilization product described below is without question, the most viable solution to the U.S. and global dog overpopulation problem, I have ever seen in my entire professional career in veterinary medicine, and as such I believe it warrants full attention.

I travel extensively internationally and as such am often difficult to reach, which is why I invite you to also follow up on this matter by contacting Mr. Alex Pacheco by phone at 954 464 9331, or by email at [email protected]  - website Pills For He is available to answer questions and provide you with complete information.

My background is as follows: My name is Dr. Jeffrey Young and I have been a veterinarian for over twenty years. In 2000 I founded the non profit Planned Pethood International for the purpose of reducing animal overpopulation through safe and efficient sterilization techniques.

I have trained over 300 veterinarians in advanced surgical techniques, and have performed over 165,000 animal surgeries. I have established full service training animal hospitals in Europe and Mexico, have served as a member of the board of directors of numerous humane societies; I speak and consult on companion animal overpopulation issues all over the world.

I have just reviewed significant research data forwarded to me by the non profit charity 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You. I have recently joined the Scientific Advisory Board of this charity, on an entirely volunteer basis.
In lay terms, this product is in the form of a pill and is referred to as a Dog Sterilization Product, or DSP. The data shows that the sterilization product is designed to safely produce sterilization in female dogs.

Before proceeding, I would like to make it clear that there is no conflict of interest in my making these statements, and that I have no vested interest in this product, financial or otherwise. I have no connection with the scientists who discovered this product and I am receiving no compensation and no consideration in any way, shape or form, for making these statements.

As an independent degreed professional with many years of experience in clinical veterinary medical and surgical practice, it is my professional and scientific opinion that the evidence shows that when used as intended, this dog sterilization product, still in development but nearing completion, is safe, effective and is without question the most viable solution to the global dog overpopulation I have ever seen.

It is also consistent with the following criteria:

The active ingredient has been studied and tested on different species for over 20 years.

After approximately five years of trials, the dog sterilization product has shown no known side effects.

Evidence indicates it will not work on humans and does not pose a threat to people.

DSP ingredients are quickly neutralized after reaching their targeted organs and are quickly eliminated by the dog’s body through natural means.

Furthermore, ingredients are rapidly broken down outside the dog’s body and do not pollute the environment.

Additional longitudinal studies are continuing, and continue to confirm, that the use of the DSP in dogs, as intended, is safe and effective with no additional or increased risk overtime.

The evidence leads me to believe that the development of this product presents not only a viable and humane solution to the problem of dog overpopulation, but it may also save human lives.

For example, the United Nations reports that over 50,000 people die of rabies each year around the world, and that the majority of those deaths are a result of people being bitten by rabid, overpopulated stray dogs.

A number of my colleagues in veterinary medicine have also reviewed the scientific data and have thus far all reached the same or similar conclusions.They are also preparing communications attesting to these findings.

I have every reason to believe that reasonable and scientifically trained professionals who examine the research data will reach the same or similar conclusions.

I will be happy to share this research data with you. Because the data concerns the development of a new product, certain aspects of which are proprietary, and because the data is currently undergoing additional review, during this period the data is available on a confidential basis only, after which the data will be made available to the general public.

I would also like to call to your attention a communication entitled “Dog Sterilization Product Overview” by the charity 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, a copy of which I have inserted into the end of this letter, along with a brief bio on the coordinator of this effort, Alex Pacheco.

The overview helps put the sterilization product in perspective and points out that the product has the potential to be modified so that it might also work on cats, and that an estimated
$2 billion tax and private dollars are spent each year attempting to deal with the dog and cat overpopulation in the U.S. alone.

Based on the data, for the first time in my career I now believe that this expensive problem, though probably not completely solvable, appears to now be significantly solvable, with an oral product, often referred to as pills.

I appreciate your time, as well as encourage you to seriously look into this.

Jeff Young, D.V.M.
Founder, Planned Pethood Plus, Inc.
President, Planned Pethood International.

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