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26 January 2011 Issue

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Swedish Wolf Activists Threaten To Sabotage Hunt


NOTE: The Swedish government decided to let 1200 hunters get licenses to kill 27 wolfs in January 2010 !
Sweden have less than 250 wolfs and they are on the list of endangered animals.
(Animals In Print reports the news, this is certainly not an endorsement of any of these activities)

Published: 14 Jan 11 13:22 CET

After threats from activists who posed for bloody images imitating dead hunters, Swedish police have been called in to protect hunters participating in the country's controversial wolf hunt, which begins this weekend.

Wolf activists in Sweden have threatened to head to the woods and sabotage the annual licensed wolf hunt.

Rap artist Follow Him to the End of the Desert is organizing a protest against the wolf hunt in Dalarna in central Sweden on Saturday.

“We have Sweden's most dangerous people against us, all of them are armed,” he told the Expressen newspaper.

Follow Him's Facebook fan page features provocative photos of activists wearing masks and holding rifles behind mock bloody hunters shot dead.

They are wearing T-shirts which read "Die Wolf H8tr Die".

Police in Dalarna are taking the threats seriously and have strengthened their preparations.

"There is a risk that the tensions will escalate. However, I can't believe that there is any danger of violence," Bo Eriksson, press officer at the Dalarna police, told the TT news agency on Friday.

Moving around in the woods when a hunt is ongoing hunting is always a risk, he added.

"It is each and everyone's responsibility to behave appropriately. Ricochets and missed shots can be dangerous," he said.

The Swedish Predatory Animal Association (Svenska Rovdjursföreningen) strongly rejected the wolf activists' message.

"We reject all forms of violent and provocative actions. In addition, we are not only against the hunters, but also those who are responsible for wolf hunting coming into being, our politicians," secretary general Ann Dahlerus told TT.

The attention that the wolf activists are receiving is unfortunate, she believes.

"It risks firing up this extremely infected conflict further, which doesn't help the wolf. The more polarized and conflict-filled the issue is between people, the worse it becomes for wolves and wolf management," Dahlerus added.

The organization has appealed to Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren to stop the hunt in a letter.

So far, 18,580 people have signed the association's petition against the hunt, which it calls a provocation to all who care about wolves. However, many still feel desperate and powerless, according to Dahlerus.

"They do not want to experience another hunt for the vulnerable and small wolf population," she said.

She feels the protests against the hunt as more intense this year than last.

"There is a tremendous need for people to make their voices heard. In the petition, we try to channel the voices coming to us. The responsible politicians must, even if it is at the last second, see that there is a very strong expression of opinion against the wolf hunt, " said Dahlerus.

The wolf is the truth keeper -

Dedicated to Swedish Wolves

For the wolves that were slaughtered today in Sweden.

I ask you,
why do you betray your brothers and sisters,
why do you kill your family then move on
they have raised you from pups
they have taught and guided you
they have fed you, sheltered you, and protected you
yet you murder them in savagery
and you curse there names
the ones who loved you
were spit on in there grave
and you continue,
to kill others,
but then cry,
why does none love me?
your ignorance makes you lonely
your hate makes you cry,
but i do not speak of wolf in this ballad
i speak of man,
the most brutal of all,
who bring there own fall
only to claim of there innocence,
while there brothers bodies lay around them
they kill themselves
by not seeing truth
for the wolf is hated by them
but the wolf is the truth keeper
he holds the key to life
that man has shunned
for his own dark ways...

by Tallsprite©.

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