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15 March 2011 Issue

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Stop Florida Bill That Threatens Animal Welfare, Food Safety And Free Speech

Florida Senator Jim Norman (R-Tampa) has introduced legislation that would make it a crime for anyone to enter, photograph or video record "a farm or other property where legitimate agriculture operations are being conducted" without written consent of the owner.

With trespassing and other laws already in place to protect farmers, this is a blatant attack on animal activists to prevent them from exposing the reality of factory farm cruelty. It's also an attack on free speech as reporters photographing farms from the roadside could face felony charges, too.

Undercover investigations at factory farms have been critical in uncovering the mistreatment of animals as well as conditions that threaten food safety. Legislators should be protecting their constituents with laws that require monitoring of factory farms, but instead they're protecting the special interests of Big Ag and putting both animals and humans at risk in the process.

Whether you're worried about the treatment of animals, the safety of your food supply or protecting your constitutional rights, this is a dangerous piece of legislation. Tell Florida legislators to vote "no" on SB 1246.

Image: Abuse at Conklin Dairy Exposed by Mercy for Animals

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