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15 March 2011 Issue

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Beware Sadistic Dog Trainers, Secrets Of The Abused Dog

By John Karliscek

A description of the sadistic dog trainer is hard to discern upon meeting them, but their egregious acts can leave your dog injured or even dead. Instead of using positive reinforcement they used such methods as helicoptering, stringing or hanging your dog. They only use a choke chain collar and they insist you leave your pet alone with them while their training your pet.

A great deal of these people follow the William Koelher training techiques. His training books are still used not only by personal trainers but in some cases by those that train K 9 dogs and various service dogs.

Sadly dogs can't talk, they won't be able to tell you what they experienced and endured while with these cruel people. Your only clues might present as follows: your dog seems depressed, has difficulty turning its heads, has abrasions around the neck, whining for no apparent reason and exhibiting trembling upon returning to another training session.

These symptoms are easily refuted by trainers in a vague and dismissive fashion. Some actually blame your dog for being a bit clumsy and hyper thus causing the injury. At the same time they appear to be quite fond of your pet, praising their intelligence and spunky personality.

Now what is meant by stringing, hanging or helicoptering an animal? This technique, hanging/stringing involves the dog being raised by the leash until the animal's feet no longer touch the ground for a few very frightening seconds. The trainer at this time may also swing the dog to and fro or in circles, thus helicoptering them, while your pet is horrified and strangling.

Finally the animal is dropped to the ground. It will collapse, lying on its side, gasping for air, vomiting, and extremely terrorized. Some animals will have received injuries from this assault, deceptively called training by these sadistic trainers. On rare occasion a pet may decease, sometimes hours later. The families will be shocked, heartbroken and usually unaware the cause the cruel and draconian action of their friendly and smiling dog trainer.

This is just one example of the brutal training styles cruelty based trainers use. There are other drastic and vile methods for various training sessions.

What to do to protect you pet? The solution is simple. Never leave your dog alone with a dog trainer. A reputable place will insist you remain with your pet. They will teach you how to train your dog through positive reinforcement such as praises and rewards. The dog learns to recognize your voice and responds your commands.

During the sessions you will be petting and encouraging your pet which nourishes a strong bond and also familiarizes you with the feel of your animal. This is a plus as you learn to notice any changes in their bodies that could be a concern, such as tumors or injuries. Addressing medical problem early saves lives.

If you ever suspect a trainer of abusing an animal please call authorities. Animal cruelty is never acceptable.

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