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15 December 2011 Issue

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Boycott These Corporate Thugs who Support Animal Abuse

From Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Rodeo sponsors, at least the long term, entrenched variety, are companies that share the same ethical and moral bankruptcy as the Rodeo Mafia. These companies do not care about animal suffering, injuries or deaths, or the absence of enforcement of humane rules to protect rodeo animals. When faced with evidence of the hell animal victims endure Coca-Cola, Daimler Chrysler, AT&T, Wrangler, Jack Daniels and others demonstrate two major traits -- carelessness and cowardice

Photo from the "Days of '76" PRCA Rodeo in Deadwood, SD.
Abuse brought to you by Dodge and other unethical Corporate Thugs.

The purpose of is to "out" cruel and unethical companies that are fraudulently masquerading as responsible and ethical corporations. Today's corporate world is loaded with corporate thugs, including some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

Corporate Thugs spend untold millions of dollars on public relations departments and advertisements. Their propaganda promotes lily white and/or environmentally green images, when in fact these companies and their executives and boards are involved in behavior that ranges from sponsoring indefensible animal cruelty, to unethical business practices, to criminal activities.

Please speak up for the animals and tell these companies that as long as they continue to support animal abuse, financially or any other way, that you will not buy their products. Corporate Thugs that they are, they can't help but listen if consumers are loud enough. Urge these Thugs to look at the VIDEOS and PHOTOS from SHARK's investigations and remind them that no one should want to be aligned with this sort of pointless and appalling cruelty.

Think Rodeo Doesn't Need Corporate Welfare? Guess Again.

Rodeos like to portray themselves as being rugged and self-sufficient. They claim to be true pioneers that can survive without any handouts. But back in the real world, nothing could be further from the truth.

Check out this newspaper article describing the rodeo panhandling that is taking place in Marshall, MN. The rodeo even set out cardboard cowboys to beg for money around town to collect their welfare. "Coins for Cowboys" they call it.

In addition, there was a very telling quote in the article. SHARK has said for years that rodeo only exists because of the corporate handouts they receive and here is further proof. Check out this quote: "tickets sales make up about "one-third of our revenue."

That sounds about right to us, rodeos would close up tomorrow if corporate America quit subsidizing this animal abuse. This is why it is so very important to let your opinion be known to the Coca-Colas and Wranglers of this world.

American Airline Supports Animal Cruelty

American Airlines through American Eagle Airlines is giving money to help support animal cruelty at the brutal Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. It is 100% guaranteed that animals will suffer terribly during this rodeo. It is also 100% guaranteed that animals are going to be brutally injured and even killed as a result of this rodeo. So why is American Airlines giving them money? One word - greed. American Airlines is apparently so devoid of values that they don't care who pays the price as long as they can try and make a few bucks.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Supports Animal Abuse

The Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo is one of the most violent and cruel rodeos in the world. With events such as the "wild horse race" and "steer busting," animals are injured and even killed every year. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and its CEO Dr. John Lucas make this abuse possible with their "Gold Boot" sponsorship of this brutal activity.

Marriott Hotels Go Back on Their Word!!!!

As you may recall, last year a SHARK investigator documented horses being shocked at the 2008 PRCA National Western Rodeo in Denver, CO. We took our evidence to Marriott Hotels, one of the rodeo's sponsors. After reviewing the information, Marriott committed to stop sponsoring the rodeo. SHARK was shocked and very disappointed to learn that Marriott has gone back on its commitment and is again sponsoring the upcoming National Western Rodeo!

Have a Heart, Southwest!

By being a major sponsor of brutal and deadly rodeos, Southwest Airlines clearly doesn't LUV animals. Don't fly with this cruel carrier! Bank of America

Bank of America has tarnished its reputation by being a major sponsor of the brutal and deadly National Finals Steer Roping. The event that BOA "proudly" sponsored injured at least 7 animals and SHARK was there to document all the cruelty and corruption.

Coca-Cola Strikes Again!

When it comes to corporate animal abuse, it will be tough to find a more underhanded villain than Coca-Cola.

DaimlerChrysler Funds Cruelty!

This is the dark side of a company that only wants you to think about its Mercedes, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep automobiles. Underneath the shiny cars is a corporate vampire that lives on blood and suffering.

Visit SHARK for more!

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