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February 5, 2012

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Chickadee Soars Free Again Despite “Expert” Advice to Squeeze Him to Death

By Laura Simpson

Editors Note: What has become of our wildlife rescue groups that they would advise these people to squeeze this bird to death. This isn't a rescue's ideology or unspoken pledge to help such injured creatures, it is the complete opposite of their responsibilities to wildlife in distress. These Wildlife Rescues(?) giving this advice might allegedly just enjoy monies they receive more than their supposedly concern to help wildlife. I find the unacceptable on all levels! If I were these people I would contact the state and make out a complaint about this incident. Birds matter just as much as humans. There is no excuse for their digesting and dismissive attitudes.
- Linda Beane

Written by Sharon Nussbaumer (Alberta, Canada)

A chickadee had been hit by a car near our home and was lying in the street. My husband scooped him up and brought him home. He called the local wildlife rescue group and was told to put him in his hand and squeeze him hard, ending his life as there were lots of chickadees around. Well there weren’t a lot around our neighborhood and that was not an option anyway.

My husband then called the Ottawa wildlife rescue group we were familiar with and they gave us instructions on what to feed him. It was a kind of porridge and meal worms. Well, we made the porridge which he didn’t really care for but we went and bought him some mealworms, which he was delighted with. We also fed him sunflower seeds.

Chickadee on log

We kept him in the computer room in a wide barred cage. He soon felt well enough to depart the cage and fly around the room and liked to perch on top of a mobile we had. After a few days, he seemed back to normal and we let him loose in the backyard. That chickadee never said a word in the house but as soon as he was free, he flew from tree to tree and sang his chick-a-dee-dee for a few minutes to say thank you before leaving to resume his life.

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