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February 5, 2012

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Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed

Editor's Note: Today my article is a bit of a metaphor. I share with you the realties of the egg industry. I expect most of you are aware of the many healthy eating choices of which we can now select. As you consider your dietary plans I would like you to consider also the welfare of animals involved within our food chain.

By Linda Beane

Humpty Dumpty, a happy and very precocious young male peep was still safely housed in his shell when he escaped from his incubator at the hatchery. As an intelligent and gregarious young egg he had reached the age of 18 days, 72 hours short of the time needed to peck his way into the world as full fledged peep.

The hatchery had been frantically looking for Humpty and certainly didn't want anyone to learn from him the destiny facing all chickens on factory farms. Humpty was feared to soon become an advocate for chickens. Because of the great possibility that he would expose the humans as heartless predators of chickens and greedy creators of the Egg Industry he had to be dealt with immediately.

The jovial and clever little Humpty, being a male, was as all other male peeps brought into this world as part of a Factory Farms considered a trash animal. His fate upon hatching would was only a death sentence, to be killed and his remains destroyed or possibly made into food fed to other farm animals. As he sat a top that wall, all spiffy in his short pants and hat, eager to hatch and tell the world about his Mother and other hens ... he was pushed to his death. The guilty people quickly ran away and poor little Humpty couldn't be saved.

What did these killers fear? Let me be the voice for our sweet but brave Humpty? All male peeps are expeditiously separated at birth from the females and henceforth murdered. They are dumped into open containers and ground up alive, gassed until dead or suffocated in plastic bags. To the farmers male chicks are of no value. They can't lay eggs and their flesh is too thin and stringy to be consumed. Their brief life is nothing short of a terrifying and deadly nightmare.

The female peeps' lives prove to be one of misery, suffering and sometimes premature death. Born only to produce eggs and cruelly deprived of their right to be a Mother these chickens are miserable. Treated as commodities, hens are given hormones which enable them to lay an unnatural amount of eggs.

Upon hatching and before being placed the battery cages, the female peeps tender beak tips are miserably burned off. The area in which they soon occupy is so small they find it almost impossible to move or ever stretch their wings. Soon their feathers are ripped off from the tightly cramped space and/or other chickens pecking at their bodies. Some Birds suffer "Flip over Syndrome" as they fall over from their abnormally heavy bodies induced by the drugs in their food. Sadly they are now unable to stand, to reach any food or water, alone they die. These hens live in their own excrement and that of other birds, some become ill from this filth and decease, their bodies left at times for days in the cramped cages before being indifferently tossed into the trash. Their lives are lived in shameful squalor and neglect.

Cage free hens don't fare much better. This term may be deceptive and can hide the fact these animals are living in barns with very little space to move about, the same conditions, misery, diseases and deaths prevail as those of chickens living in battery cages.

Free range birds live in a somewhat natural setting. Allowed to move about outside, flutter their wings, peck for food, and socialize with other hens while enjoying their environment. Unfortunately these hens are also given the same hormones, forced into an unnatural reproduction cycles and denied their natural instincts to enjoy motherhood.

All hens, regardless of their living conditions will begin a cycle where they stop or produce very few eggs. They are then exposed to the painful horror of forced molting. Their feathers are plucked off their bodies putting them into an artificially induced state which restarts their cycle of the producing more eggs This procedure ensures their value for a while longer before going to their slaughter, the final betrayal as they are continuously denied any compassion or respect.

Our best weapon against the cruelty and misery inflicted on chickens is the right to CHOOSE what we eat. Make the humane decision, don't eat chickens or their eggs. Close the door on this inhumane, vile and greedy egg and flesh peddling industry. Let chickens once used as commodities return to their rightful place as respected and revered sentient beings.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it.


Stop the Rotten Egg Bill: Fight the Egg Industry’s Attempt to Keep Hens in Cages Forever 

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