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February 28, 2012

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Stop breeding dogs and cats for three years


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Why This Is Important

Stop Breeding Dogs and Cats for Three Years

Day after day thousands of dogs and cats die in shelters where they were supposed to find refuge and new homes. Some shelter workers are heartbroken as they lead the unsuspecting companion animals down the long hall to their deaths. These dogs and cats wanted only one thing. They wanted to be loved with a family of their own. But the ones that meet their end in the most inhumane and abusive way, are the ones who never had a chance. They never experienced the opportunity to feel the earth beneath their feet as they chased a ball or played with other dogs. They never knew the simple tenderness of cuddling with their person or feeling safe. It seems that some of them were doomed at the beginning of their lives. It is no secret that there is an issue with too many dogs and cats being born and too little caring humans. Why are unwanted dogs and cats being put to death every day?

The answer is so simple. Because there are too many!! We must stop producing more puppies and kittens!

Continuing to breed dogs and cats is insane when there are millions of young and old animals available for adoption. We have to start somewhere right! It seems ludicrous that puppy mills are allowed to operate in such an inhumane fashion where there is abuse and neglect at the hands of those “caring” for these animals. These facilities are only money making businesses where dogs and cats are the money making commodity. There are exceptional breeders who make their living breeding designer dogs and cats, but where and when do we draw the line so that we can focus and create resolutions for overpopulation of the animals that are here now. A mixed breed is just as much a faithful friend as a purebred. It is time to start looking at the money making businesses that take life from the other end. With every purebred puppy born another well deserving dog is cruelly killed. With every purebred kitten born, there sits a loving cat just waiting for a chance to be adopted. We need our politicians to see this incredibly obvious problem and act quickly and responsibly. In some places animals are inbred so much that issues arise in their health and temperament. There are reputable breeders out there. Their integrity is not in question. The question is “why is there a need to create more and more purebred dogs and cats when there is a limited supply of good homes available. Shelter animals have no chance to be saved while there are still cute little puppies and kittens born and adopted in homes where a shelter animal could have gone”, but instead of that forever home they are euthanized That is the root and that's where we have to start. We have to meet the problem right where it's at. Stop producing more animals.

We ask our legislators to introduce a bill known as the “Ban breeding act” in which puppy mills and breeding facilities would be shut down for 3 years. The lives of dogs and cats are at stake.

• We are asking that added to the programs already out there would be more programs funded by our government to neuter and spay the animals already here.
• We are asking for the government to meet with rescue groups who deal with animal overpopulation and find solutions that answer the issues not just try to keep up with the demands.
• We are asking that in this 3 year period new and stricter guidelines would be introduced and a license required in regards to breeding. Too many puppy mills are out there which are nothing more than prison houses of horror for innocent animals.

If you are not part of the solution of keeping these animals alive that are already here than you are part of the problem.

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