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February 28, 2012

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All Kill shelters will close when....

The following was sent to someone, no name given, from New York No-kill who responded to my comments about why the kill paradigm is likely to persist as long as dominion is not challenged. As long as the judeo.christian tradition promotes the sanctity of violence to animals when necessary, there will always be a reason to kill homeless companion animals.

It is in response to the statement they replied: 'Thanks but we have no interest in getting into issues that concern religion.'

To the person who responded:

You are already involved in issues that concern religion. The reason you are having so much trouble establishing even simple measures of compassion for shelter dogs is rooted in a religious tradition that does not honor animal lives. The first step towards solving any problem is to acknowledge that it exists. Those of us who care so much for each dog life and are so saddened by each one that is lost, do not have a loud enough voice to speak over the basic premise of dominion: animals exist for human benefit and convenience. Shelter dogs are viewed as an inconvenience by those steeped in this tradition. It is therefore easy for them to dispose of the dogs for financial gain.
There is a wonderful book by Eloise Leyden, a british woman, who spent a year in India observing the street dogs...Her conclusion that though life is sometimes very hard for some, the vast majority are  tolerated by and unharmed by humans. They lead fairly normal dog lives in small packs: at sunrise, the leader of the pack wakes up first then wakes the others, in the morning they search for food, they takes long naps during the noon day heat and in the eveng they socialize...There are ambulances, hospitals and no-kill shelters for the street dogs. Animal organizations vaccinate them against rabies and neuter them. They do not kill them.
When a dog cull was called to kill 10,000 dogs in kashmir, a predominantly moslem state, MP Maneka Gandhi, founder of People for Animals, threatened to call in the military if the cull proceded. The cull was aveted. They law states that it is illegal to kill a healthy dog for any reason. When the dogs have the law on their side, they are allowed to live.
They cyncism of an animal rights movement based on dominion was best expressed by Stephen Kaufman who is on the board of the Christian Vegetarian Association:
"Itís only because I passionately care about animals that I put up with the many self-righteous, presumptuous, condescending messages I receive (with Sharonís messages in particularly meeting this description). Only a small fraction of the population is sufficiently empathetic with animals to oppose their mistreatment altogether. Of the many more people who care about animals to a degree and donít want them abused ďunnecessarilyĒ (very broadly, and inappropriately defined), 99% donít regard animal protectionism as a high priority. If they regard folks like Sharon as a typical animal rights activist, I would expect few of them would want to associate with the animal rights movement." Stephen Kaufman 
To illuminate the depth of such cynicism: those who truly care for animals all harm is gratuitous. They would not want them harmed or killed either unnecessarily, or to fill a human need.  The arrogance of this position is apparent. Despite the evidence of a horrific record of animal abuse, from the lofty position of one presuming to preserve religious doctrine over the reality of its implications, it is necessary to belittle those who value compassion above doctrine. The message of empathy which was so distasteful to Stephen Kaufman cuts through the hypocricy of necessary slaughter. It exposes the lie of sanctified violence to animals based on human need as follows:
"If humans think they are the 'higher' of the animals, then they must find ways to live and be fruitful without murdering others. without all of the concomitant explanations, 'thou shalt not kill" is the commandment. pure and simple. it doesn't say . . thou shalt not kill humans. . it says 'THOU SHALT NOT KILL' end of story. f you insist you must eat an animal to survive, then go out and kill him or her yourself. . see how it feels to be face to face with another being who feels pain, who has a heart and mind, and who wants only to live just as you do. see how it feels to put the knife into that being, hear the screams of terror and pain.. see how it feels as the blood runs and the life force weakens unto the last breath. . do you really think you need to do such a thing to live? ..." Sharon Azar
The suffering described in this statement is too graphic, for those would dismiss the magnitude of necessary slaughter as slight. It cuts through the sanitized language of dominion and reveals the true nature of cruelty, when necessary.

With such disdain for undconditional compassion by those protecting dominion, it is unlikey that animals will ever improve their lot.
I am afraid that all kill-shelters will only be closed after there are no more dogs left to kill, as that seems to be the aim of the mainstream organizations: total extermination of dogs who have outlived their usefulness. We must not let this happen.
Please do not ignore the issue of religion. Our beloved dogs and cats need more hope than what is given by the semitic tradition.
Ruth Eisenbud
Source:  No-kill New York 

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