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February 28, 2012

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Former MARINE heads investigate dog fights anywhere

This is incredible!!

marine dogfight dog fightIf you SUSPECT dog fighting anywhere in the USA then there is a wonderful group of tough guys in Atlanta who will help investigate dog fighting for you. They provide evidence to convict for the police for FREE. They also offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest! Last year they went to speak to rescue groups and law enforcement. Very tough, former MARINE heads it. call 1-877.215.2250 or web:

Thank you for your email. We certainly appreciate you spreading the word about our tip line! We don't accept money but we do ask everyone to promote what we do. We will go anywhere in US.

Comment by  Greg.

Did you read that guys - they go ANYWHERE in the USA and do NOT take a cent!  They save these poor misunderstood dogs who are taught to fight against their will. Post to your own walls and pit pages for those who might be know people who suspect this atrocity going on maybe some, are too scared to go to the police and can report here anonymously. 

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