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April 17, 2012

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No imagination, no morals: Liz Jones's Dismal verdict on Kanye West's 'ghastly' fur-filled Paris show

By Liz Jones,

Oh, of course Kanye West received rave reviews from the fashion press for his second collection shown in Paris on Tuesday.

The fashion writers, who hailed this collection as ‘much improved’ and a ‘concise statement’ probably don’t even know what astrakhan, used liberally in his designs, actually is.

Let me tell you about this most ghastly of ‘fabrics’. Astrakhan is the fur of an unborn lamb. Yes, a foetus. The sheep is slaughtered, and the unborn lamb is ripped from her womb, its coat still curly and unformed. (Did you also know that lambswool is most commonly taken from the backs of just slaughtered lambs? What did you think they did: used a little pink comb?)

fur Kanye West  fur Kanye West

Ghastly: Astrakhan, the 'fabric' used to create the vest, left, is made from the foetuses of lambs torn from their mother's wombs. Kanye West's gratuitous use of fur was likely sponsored by the U.S. fur industry, says Liz

Kanye West also used crocodile skin, and fox fur for bags, back packs and huge arm warmers.

Even his view of women seems dubious and strangely out of date, given so much skin tight leather, and bondage whips.

And while much is being made at the moment about the fact models work so hard for often so little money (viz, the story that Marc Jacobs doesn’t always pay his runway models, given the prestige heaped upon them for wearing his polka dot proms), I wonder why Arizona Muse, Vogue cover girl and one of the world’s best paid mannequins, feels the need to wear so much white fur to earn a another crust, which she surely doesn’t eat anyway.

Okay, so the reason the rapper used so much fur, so many foetuses, so much ‘exotic’ skin (crocodiles are routinely pole-axed, and take many hours to die)?

Surely she doesn't need the money? Arizona Muse was draped in white fur at the Paris show; while Jourdan Dunn, right, wore a dress trimmed at the top with crocodile - whose skin is routinely removed from their bodies after they are pole-axed and left to die slowly.

Unnecessary: A fur back pack, left, and right, crocodile skin used to trim a garment at the neck.

Well, for one, he was undoubtedly sponsored, probably by Saga furs, the body that governs and promotes the fur trade in north America.

Second, he has no ideas, or anything new to give us. He doesn’t know how to cut a pattern, or construct a seam, or even sew a buttonhole.

But he wants us to think his collection is luxurious, elitist and covetable, so he falls back on the thing that all designers with no imagination or morals fall back on: electrocuting small animals via their vagina or rectum, and often skinning them alive.

They create a trickle-down effect, which means even more cats and dogs are skinned alive in China to satisfy demand for cheaper, copycat clothes.

The problem was, Kim Kardashian was sat front row, draped in a fur stole.

If anything is going to make fur seem cheap, nasty, trashy and unnecessary, it is the presence of the reality TV star.

Bit of an own goal for the former rapper, dontcha think?

Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Kim Kardashian joined a fur-draped front row - though Liz says reality TV star Kim's presence only served to make the collection seem yet more trashy.

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