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June 10, 2012

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Table of Contents

  1. New technology more reliable and ethical than animal experiments

  2. The Bengal Tiger in danger of becoming extinct due to poachers and loss of habitat

  3. The tragic facts of animals' lives behind the scenes in the Circus

  4. Carriage horses: Cruelty is the name of the trade

  5. Preserve your deer hunting trophy with a mount

  6. Day-old calves being lined up and shot DEAD just because they're male 

  7. Kangaroo killing in Australia

  8. Valley Meats slaughter plant in NM plans to butcher horses - WRITE! PROTEST!

  9. USDA to protect pets from Class B Dealers

  10. Rescued piglets safe at Farm Sanctuary

  11. Top 10 most ridiculous research on animals for 2011

  12. Meat glue (Transglutaminase): The meat industry’s dirty secret

  13. Cats find their preferred sleeping position

  14. Feds target Broward wildlife dealer 

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