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October 15, 2012

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Courage, Tortured Baby Bird, Euthanized

Posted by David Hendrickson
A loving good bye to Courage
This story is a bit different from my normal tributes. This is about a little baby bird who was tortured and beaten and who’s story will change the world. Today I was walking to my mail box out by the street. I saw these two boys kicking something back and forth to each other. At first I didn’t think much of it. Then I saw them pick it up and start smashing it with their fists.

courage baby bird torture

I then heard a noise I will never forget… it sounded just like a scream. I ran over and yelled “what is going on?” to the kids. As soon as they saw me they bolted down the street. When I came up on the bird he was not moving and had one wing broken almost completely off. I wanted to run after those kids but all I cared about was trying to save this poor baby bird. I picked him up in my hands. Put his brocken body back together and held him close to my chest. He looked straight up into my eyes and I knew he knew he was safe. At first his breathing was sporadic and fast. So I started rubbing my thumb on the top of his head and he calmed immediately. I rushed him inside. I named this bird Courage. As I walked Courage back to my house I saw two birds watching us and I knew it was his parents. They had seen the entire thing.

Inside, my rescue pup William was right at the baby bird’s side. I told William what had happened and he clearly understood because the next thing he did was nuzzle the bird up into his neck. The broken baby bird started to softly close his eyes under Williams warmth and slowly he drifted off to sleep. I called my vet who told me what I already knew. A bird this young and so tortured and broken would never make it. I lost it at this point. The idea that this morning this baby bird was happy and alive and now lay tortured in my house broke my heart. All because two kids thought it was fun to hurt this amazing animal. My vet told me to bring Courage in and make the decision to let him rest in peace.

Courage’s Parents

baby bird torture euthanasiaI laid down cradling William who was cradling the broken baby bird and we cried. I cried tears…William wined softly… we both knew it was time. Before I left I took Courage in my hands and walked him back to the tree where he had fallen out of. I sat down and wanted to give his parents a chance to say goodbye. The two birds, one red chested and the other brown chirped and flew down right in front of us in the grass. At that point they knew what I was doing and I know it sounds unbelievable but I know they were crying too. The sat at the edge of my knees just staring not making a single sound. I told the two parents it was time and they said their goodbyes and flew off back up into the tree. They watched us as we got into my car and left.

When I arrived at the vets office we walked straight to the back. I was able to cup the small broken bird in my hands as he passed away. I lay my head down next to this small amazing bird and told him he had more courage then anything in the world. I told him I loved him and I apologized for what had happened to him. As he started to drift away, as his breathing slowed, I rubbed his head and through his broken small beak he let out a sigh of relief. No more pain, no more hurt… leaving only with love, peace and warmth. The room was quiet. No one said a word. There where 6 of us in there. The vet, 4 vet tecks and myself… all of us crying.

I took Courage’s body home. When I got home his two parents where sitting on my balcony. This shows just how powerful, smart and intuitive animals are. They new their baby bird had passed. I bundled the lil guy in a towel and went on a hike. As I hiked to where I was going to burry Courage I held him in my hands and let the breeze ruffle his tiny feathers. I buried him up in the mountains behind my house in a quiet spot over looking the city. I will never forget Courage and what he went through. This small abused, tortured animal taught me so much in the time I was with him. Courage know that you left this world with love, peace and now your story will be shared to thousands! You will change this world Courage.

To the kids who did this to Courage the baby bird… I pray that one day you see the power these amazing animals have. I hope you change your ways and someone teaches you whats right. I hope you never harm an animal again. [The kids who did this where never found.]

Courage was euthanized on 7/20/2012.


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