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December 26, 2012

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STOP the Abuse at Maricopa County Animal Control

Angel Maricopa County Animal Control chokedIt's hard to believe it's 2 MONTHS AGO TODAY that poor little, Angel, was killed by Maricopa County Animal Control (MCACC). Angel, as you probably all remember is the sweet chihuahua that is in our profile picture. Angel is the dog that was choked by MCACC with the chokepole/catchpole that is shown in the picture. She was choked to where her eyes were bulging out of her head, and she was trying to...stop the choking, by putting her paws on the pole.

After putting her through the mental torture of being scared out of her mind while held at MCACC, Little Angel was given ONE NIGHT ONLY on the euthanasia list, before they brutally, and inhumanely, murdered her.

The night of September 18th, 2012, I had worked all night on arranging a dog rescue. When I finally layed my head down on my pillow to go to sleep, something made me decide to check FB one last time. And, that's when I first saw Bridgette, who is the shih tzu, in our cover photo, who had the blown out eye all over her face. Bridgette and Kiki (both on this page's cover photo) were both on the euthanasia list the same night as Angel. I immediately jumped up, and ran to my laptop to see Bridgette's photo more clearly. I was stunned. (thankfully, Bridgette and Kiki were both rescued from Ruby Ranch Rescue).

The next photo I saw was Angel. At first when I saw it, my mind couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. And then I saw. From that moment, everything changed. I had already been fighting a battle with MCACC, but it was being done quietly. Now, the battle needed to be made public, and it needed to recruit the public.

The outrage from the Facebook community went nationwide. People were appalled, as they should be, at the blatant abuse by MCACC.

As I have said several times, if you are feeling we are not doing as much as we can to fight this, or are not seeing all the evidence being posted on this page, rest assured, as I have said, that there is a lot going on under the surface. I, for one, was changed forever on September 19, 2012. I will fight this fight against MCACC to the end. I will not give up. Do not worry at all that we are not doing enough. One day you will be able to see all the work we have been doing. For the integrity of this case, we cannot post everything we have, and everything we know....yet.

Angel, I will never forget you. Never. Your death will not be in vain; I promise you.. ~Lisa


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