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January 6, 2014

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Samuel's Story

Source: Twyla Francois, director of investigations at Mercy For Animals Canada /

"I want to share with you the story of Samuel, a veal calf discovered recently at a Canadian auction by a CETFA volunteer inspector. Samuel's story is told by the inspector who found and comforted him during his last moments on earth.

Samuel dairy calf
[R.I.P., Samuel. Photo is of Samuel dying and discarded at a Canadian "livestock" auction]
Mercy for Animals, Canada

Samuel was less than a day old when he was torn away from his mother. He was a young jersey calf whose mother was kept continually pregnant in order to keep her milk production unnaturally high so it could be sold for human consumption. Although nature intended the milk for Samuel, none was afforded him. Samuel was penned alone, chained at the neck and unable to interact with the other calves.

The day I found Samuel, he had been loaded into a transport trailer with many other young calves and taken to a livestock auction. But Samuel was very sick and should never have been loaded and transported. He was so sick, in fact, that he could not even make it through the auction ring.

The auction workers dragged Samuel to the back of the auction and discarded him there with no food, water or medical attention. There he was left to die alone, just as he had lived alone.

I saw Samuel buried in the straw with only his small face poking out and thought he was dead until he started convulsing. My first thought was to load him into my car and get him to a vet who could peacefully end his suffering but he was too far gone. Samuel died in my arms while I stroked and comforted him.

Sometimes this is all we can do for the animals we find - provide them with the dignity, care and comfort that they've never been shown.

Samuel is the hidden face of Canada's dairy industry - one that profits off the milk of a mother who will never nourish her child. Veal calves are sickly, traumatized and lonely. Their mothers are forced into a life of production and are heartbroken, forced to endure an endless cycle of birth and loss."

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