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Animals In Print
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From the 20 December 2000 Issue:


They risk their lives willingly to rescue a human from a raging fire.
They give independence back to the blind and disabled.
They lick away the tears of a weeping child.
They are the hero’s and heroines in novels and movies.
They are chosen to make families whole, filling a special place within.
All they ask for in return is to be loved.

They are captured and tossed into tiny metal cages.

Fearfully they wait until they are chosen and then slaughtered for the satisfaction of a human's consumption.
The rest are skinned alive for their fur.
They are beaten and starved by bloodthirsty humans.

Trained to attack and kill their loyal beings for ring fighting.
Others are used as bait to lure the innocent, hungry attacker for this gruesome kind of sport.
They are snatched from their loving guardians, to sell for research.

Their new dwelling being chilled, smelling of chemicals and death.
They tremble with horror before their bodies are ripped apart.
Their once joyful lives now filled with pain until death blissfully takes them.
They are chosen on the spur of the moment by psychotic individuals who vent their inner rage on them by stabbing, kicking, hitting, dragging, poisoning, and ultimately killing them.
They are tossed away like garbage, abandoned on a lonely street, in a forest, thrown in a lake, or left in a box at a parking lot.

Only moments before, they trusted their guardians.

Who are these defenseless creatures?

They are the loving and loyal canines of this world.

But we shall call them the victims of ignorance.

~ Lisa Marie Tabor ~

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