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From 20 February 2001 Issue:

PETA Action Alerts
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February 15, 2001

In July 2000, PETA received some shocking photographs of an animal shelter in Bertie County, North Carolina. Photos showed a starving dog eating a dead kitten and a dying dog lying in a pool of water, barely able to lift her head. PETA immediately contacted county officials and a PETA shelter specialist met with officials to discuss ways to improve the situation quickly.

PETA sent a team to Bertie County to train the animal control officer, Lester Outlaw, in proper feeding and cleaning protocols. PETA also built doghouses within the kennels because the shelter provided the dogs no protection from the elements. PETA pleaded with the county to stop gassing animals in a makeshift carbon monoxide chamber and even solicited the services of a local veterinarian who offered to euthanize animals at cost, but no matter how hard PETA tried, PETA could not get county officials to budge on the gas chamber issue. Disappointed by this refusal, PETA employees nevertheless were comforted by the thought that Lester Outlaw would at least clean and feed the animals properly, thanks to PETA's training, and the dogs would be kept warm and dry in their new doghouses.

Or so PETA staffers thought. PETA employees recently visited the Bertie County shelter to make sure that the animals were receiving proper care and were horrified by what they saw: countless piles of feces throughout the shelter, dogs living in their own filth, and a bag of food simply thrown into the dog run and left to get wet in the rain. But that wasnąt the worst of it: PETA staffers also found a dead, wet cat lying in the middle of the dog run, and two dead puppies in an empty food bag!

Clearly, Lester Outlaw is making no effort to implement the standard operating procedures PETA trained him to follow, and county officials are negligent in failing to ensure humane standards of care for lost, stray, and abandoned animals. When PETA first met with officials and spent time and money trying to improve the Bertie County shelter, county commissioners and the county manager assured PETA that they would never allow animals to suffer at the shelter again. Obviously, that was a hollow promise.

Lester Outlaw, the Bertie County commissioners, and the Bertie County manager should be ashamed of themselves for keeping animals in such abhorrent conditions. Please writee, call, or fax Bertie County officials and tell them that you are outraged by the inhumane conditions at the shelter. It is important to convey your outrage in polite terms.


The Honorable Zee Lamb
Bertie County Manager
(and/or Bertie County Commissioners)
P.O. Box 530
Windsor, NC 27983
Tel.: 252-794-5300
Fax: 252-794-5327

NOTE: To send a fax for free, go to:   or 

[email protected] 

Bertie County "Animal Protection Plan" listed as an emergency care coordinator: [email protected]  

State Legislators:

Frank Balance
[email protected] 

Marc Basnight
mailto:[email protected] 

Howard Hunter
mailto:[email protected] 

Eugene Rogers
mailto:[email protected] 

Source: Leann
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