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20 February 2001 Issue

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"When a person eats a meal which contains the body parts of an animal he retains the animal's calling card.  There it remains in his body, waiting with other consumed animals.  In time each person will desperately need the animals calling card.  The calling card number is always the same, 911."



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Human Blight

"Animals' plight, too soon killed, too soon eaten.
All too soon all hearts stop beaten.

~Linda Beane

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"Dr. Taylor grabbed Melanie by one leg and her tail, and slammed her head against the concrete floor at least twice. By the time Steeves arrived to save Melanie, it was to late. Steeves told the Sunday Daily News "[Taylor] came out with a taped box, thinking I wasn't going to look inside it. I ripped the box open and there was still blood flowing out of her mouth onto one of her little paws". A necropsy revealed that Melanie suffered a fractured skull and fractured ribs, among other things, at the hands of Dr. Taylor. "

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