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From 20 June 2001 Issue:

New York Daily News Article Encourages Animal Overpopulation

AnimalTalk Comment:

Wanna' know why we have an animal overpopulation problem?   Here's one good reason, and a clear example of human stupidity.  Just read the following bit of idiocy that recently appeared in the New York Daily News.  What's truly scary is not just that the writer appears to be in outer space, but that there are an ample supply of cretins out there who will read this article and actually take what this guy says seriously, and will believe that uncontrolled breeding amongst stray and feral cats is a good thing? Supreme Being, please save us humans from ourselves.

6/16/01 - NY Daily News

Bring Back Alley Cats; By ELLIOT ROSENBERG

Warm weather is here, and that means many traditional changes for New York, including, alas, a boom in the rat population. The city continues to wage war, of course. But rats have been under a death sentence ever since they helped bump off one-third of Europe's population back in the 14th century, and they're still laughing through their incisors at mankind.

Is there no way at hand to fight back? You bet! Older folks can remember when every mom-and-pop grocery store had a furry resident that would amble up to customers and rub against their legs. They looked cuddly, but they weren't just pets. After dark, they stood as sentries -- and executioners. On the streets, stray cats roamed free in search of tidbits. To them, a hefty rattus norvegicus was a feast. But you won't get today's tabbies, pampered on gourmet tuna, to stalk a rodent that fights back when cornered like a you-know-what. Today's cats are softies.

So here's the answer, even though I know the animal-rights crowd will holler: New York needs a feline baby boom. Let the word go forth from this time and place that the torch is passed to a new generation of cats, born in this decade, tempered by abandonment, disciplined by a hard-luck kittyhood, a generation of cats that has a rendezvous with destiny. And rats.

ROSENBERG is the author of "But Were They Good for the Jews?"

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