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From 23 November 2001 Issue

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Two November news items reflect just how fragile are America's dairy and meat industries.

Given the choice, would you eat maggot-infested meat or cheese?

Under a microscope, those bacteria and microorganisms in meat and dairy products are a lot scarier looking and more dangerous than maggots.

In all probability, you or your loved ones have consumed dangerous bacteria and viruses from diseased animals.

If a human mother had an auto-immune disease, tuberculosis, or hepatitis, would she be wise to breastfeed her infant?  Of course not.

When a cow has a fatal illness, would it be prudent to drink her infected body fluids?  That's just what Americans do.

Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin has introduced legislation to help farmers eradicate Johne's disease, an infection that cows pass on to humans as irritable bowel syndrome.

Just what America needs, another multi-million dollar government subsidy designed to bail out dairymen.  This disease has no cure and costs dairy producers over $200 million each year.

The bacterium causing Johne's is not killed by pasteurization and is passed onto consumers in milk, cheese, and ice cream.  Forty million Americans have irritable bowels.  Many sufferers develop Crohn's disease.

"Mycobacterium paratuberculosis RNA was found in 100% of Crohn's disease patients, compared with 0% of controls."

Mishina, Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA :93: September, 1996

Anthrax again makes the news.

Herds in the not-so golden state of California are infected.

A new outbreak of anthrax poses a threat to public health, despite assurances by representatives from California's Department of Agriculture. Does anyone doubt that anthrax will continue to be a major American news story?

If you or your loved ones were eating meat, would you want tonight's dinner sliced and sauteed from the leg of an anthrax-infected creature?

Two dozen cattle died in the past two weeks, while the rest of the infected California herd has been vaccinated.

Is that good news for consumers, who will soon be drinking milk and eating filet mignon from vaccinated animals?

Here is the link to the continuing anthrax epidemic.  This is a loooooong URL, and you must manually "cut and paste" it to your browser.  

Last summer, four million farm animals were destroyed in England because of the threat of hoof and mouth disease. Many Britains became vegetarians.  One day, perhaps, Americans will come to realize that many diseases are passed from one species to another after diseased animals become man's first choice for dinner.

The current issue of Hoard's Dairyman, the national dairy farm magazine (October 25, 2001), contains ads for the remedies for diseases plaguing cows.  Advertisers invest money for these ads for one reason...cows are infected, and farmers must buy products to treat infections.

There's ONE-SHOT from PFIZER to prevent shipping fever (pneumonia) in calves (page 678), and FUSOGARD (page 679) to prevent foot rot and liver abcesses.

There's BACTERIN from UPJOHN to prevent E. coli (PAGE 681), and VIGILANTE to stop horn flies and face flies (page 682).

Oral antibiotics (page 683) like PERFORMANCE are referred to as "feed additives." They even offer garlic (page 684) as a miracle substance to prevent parasites and infections.

EFFERCEPT is called the perfect dip for udders (page 685) which kills "mastitis-causing organisms." The manufacturer claims that this product provides for "easier removal of organic matter." That brown stuff caking on the cows udder ain't dirt, folks.

ENDOVAC (page 684) is used to protect agains E. coli, salmonella, and pasturella.

All of these products provide a service to dairymen who strive to keep secret their worst fears. They do not want you to realize just how dirty and infected their farm animals are.

The headline of an article on page 692 asks:


Farmers are warned:

"Fresh manure is a major concern, Salmonella and Johne's...body secretions, including mucous and saliva, are very infective...

Friends, if it looks like a diseased animal and smells like a diseased animal, don't eat it. Don't drink the body fluids. Don't touch the body wastes. You might's a crap shoot.

Robert Cohen 

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