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From 23 November 2001 Issue

(Info source: [email protected] )

nl-23nov2001-monkeys1.jpg (12144 bytes)nl-23nov2001-monkeys2.jpg (9616 bytes)A research facility has contacted Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary in Oklahoma regarding the release of two 13-year-old male rhesus monkeys.  The director of the sanctuary, Linda Barcklay, would like to take these monkeys in and it needs to be done immediately.  We are working with the research facility to keep these monkeys from being sent back into research.

nl-23nov2001-monkeys3.jpg (14322 bytes)(Most people are not aware of the horrors that go on in animal research laboratories, so we have included these undercover photos taken at Jerusalem University.  The "operation" to implant these electrodes in the monkey's brain was performed while the monkey was fully conscious.  Photos from with our thanks.)

Currently there are 36 residents at Mindy’s Sanctuary, 7 of them being former research animals.  The sanctuary does not have any more space without building another cage.  Other sanctuaries were approached by the research facility and turned them down.

nl-23nov2001-monkeys4.jpg (11967 bytes)nl-23nov2001-monkeys5.jpg (11961 bytes)Because this is happening at the end of the year, organizations that could help in the form of a grant to build the enclosure do not have any funds available.  Many monkeys never make it out of research and we desperately want to help these two.

If you can send a donation for this project we will appreciate it very much.   Normally Mindy's would not try to raise funds in this manner, however this is an URGENT situation.  Construction costs will be approximately $8,000.00.  If we cannot raise the amount needed, the funds WILL BE RETURNED to you.  If you would like the funds to be used to benefit the residents already at the sanctuary in the event the enclosure CANNOT be built please indicate this when you make your donation.

nl-23nov2001-monkeys6.jpg (16108 bytes)If you are sending a donation, please email to let us know so we can get an idea as to whether we can save these sweet innocents.  Thank you very much.

Donations and requests for updates can be sent to:

Linda Barcklay [email protected]
Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary
P.O. Box 134 Newcastle, OK 73065
(Voice) 405-387-4354
(Fax) 775-402-8816

Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary:  

staff: [email protected] 

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