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From 24 August 2003 Issue

Timothy Guider burned his own pet parakeet to death
Please write to ask for justice!  Following Letters Tell The Story

The Honorable Randall Hinrichs
Arthur M. Cromarty Court Complex
210 Center Drive, Courtroom 16
Riverhead, NY  11901

Dear Judge Hinrichs:

I am simply appalled at your sentence pronounced for Timothy Guider, the
Shoreham man who burned his own pet parakeet to death for fun at a New Yearıs Eve party.

You were quoted in the newspaper that you were satisfied that Guider was not
a threat to society.  Tell me Judge Hinrichs, would you feel comfortable having a daughter date or be married to this man?  Would you trust him with small children?  He made a decision to do what he did. 

There are consequences to our actions.  As much as we may regret the things we have done in the past, they cannot be erased, nor can we "undo" the hurt we have caused another.  To not require this young man to spend time in jail is proof that the horrible death he caused his victim, is unimportant.  Just how large must a victim be?  Would you  have sentenced him to harsher punishment if heıd burned a dog or cat?  Is there really any difference in the value of a life?  We tread on very shaky ground when we begin to categorize the significance of life.  We have no right to do that.  Itıs our arrogance that makes us think we do.

I only hope that Guider is truly regretful of his hateful act.  I hope he
never acquires ANY animal for he has demonstrated a most despicable disregard for life.  He may go on to be a success in college, and I hope for his sake, he is successful.  However, college cannot teach him what he obviously lacks, and that is compassion and conscience.  Frankly, without those two important attributes, you are nothing.

With deep disappointment,

Susan L. Trout
~ a voice for the voiceless

And, my letter to Newsday:

Dear Editor,

I am stunned!

For deliberately spraying his own completely defenseless parakeet with
hairspray and torching it, Timothy Guider will do a mere 280 hours of community service and receive five years probation.   Granted youthful offender status, his criminal record will be expunged if he's a "good" boy and completes his probation and community service.  It is beyond my ability to comprehend the criminal justice system's refusal to sufficiently penalize people who victimize animals.  Setting a living creature on fire is horrific.  It is indeed the most painful death for any living being.  Guider burned his parakeet to death for fun!  I don't care what his psychiatric evaluation revealed--I wouldn't want Guider within 50 yards of ANY member of my family, two-legged, four-legged, feathered or scaled!  For the DA to state that it was never her intention to request jail time because Guider had an "unblemished" record, is shocking to say the least. An isolated incident?  I wonder. How many other incidences of animal cruelty or senseless pranks did he commit and not get CAUGHT?

Guider's actions warranted a jail sentence.  Once again, the torturing of an
innocent creature has been treated with less importance than writing graffiti on the wall of an abandoned building.

I am deeply disgusted and outraged and I plan to write to DA Clifford and
Judge Hinrichs.  I hope they have a big mail box!

Very truly yours,

Susan L. Trout
~ a voice for the voiceless ~
6436 Walnut Avenue
Orangevale, CA  95662
(916) 444-5100 (office)
(916) 988-8660 (home)

"All that breathes is precious.  Who is to say that the suffering of an
animal is less worthy of solace than the pain of man?  The spark of life is no dimmer simply because it is encased in fur or feather."  Anonymous

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