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From 24 August 2003 Issue

AKC - Should I Breed My Dog?

Hi All:

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "RESPONSIBLE BREEDER". A BREEDER IS A NAZI, A RAPIST AND A PIMP TO ANIMALS. Has anyone ever seen a Nazi, rapist or a pimp to be responsible????????

I'd laugh my head off at this ridiculous AKC's exposition, if it didn't hurt my heart so much. Couple of examples follow:

With the AKC Board of Director's latest decision to include developing a partnership with "High Volume Breeders"

Ah, engrave this in your minds, if you believe blindly in animals' papers from the AKC's of the world! They're flooding the world with puppies...for profits, and making those already homeless to suffer more and be killed!!!

Responsible breeders plan ahead to be sure that each puppy they produce will be placed in a safe, loving home suited to its needs.

Sure! They place their MERCHANDISE in loving homes... while keeping on pumping in more and more puppies and kittens...allowing other animals already born and suffering to remain homeless! BREDERS: Get your asses off your infamous breeding bu$ine$$ and look for a decent job or business WITHOUT animal exploitation!

Irresponsible breeders dump their litters at a puppy mill brokerage for distribution to the many pet stores throughout this country. They couldn't care less what type of home the puppy lands in - you can buy an AKC registered puppy from both.

Finally one truth about ALL breeders, petshops, AKC's of the world, etc. not only the irresponsible ones!!!

Finally, AKC thinks by suggesting their clients to spay/neuter (their "imperfect" animals though) they are doing a good deed...truth is, it's all part of their SALE$MAN$HIP strategy and no more, obviously! Just my 2 cents... Adela

source: Adela

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