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From 24 December 2001 Issue


It seems to be a common thing to read of animals being skinned, cut up, heads decapitated, and so the list goes on.

Recently, here in Michigan, a dog was found on the train tracks with the head decapitated. Near the scene, plastic twisty ties were found at the scene and near the dog which indicates this was done intentionally.  There is now a 6 thousand dollar reward out.

I was posting the reward flyers this past week throughout our community for the HS.  To see people's reaction on their faces... a few were so unkind to ask why is a dog worth that much? Most were sick over it and wanted to help get the word out.

When crimes like these occur, and if the killers are found.. the authorities, the system, will rarely sock it to them as they deserve.  Thus, it will continue to happen.  Yes.. next time it might even be a human.

Personally when reading about the dog at Wal-Mart in Ohio who was found skinned alive and who was then "disposed of".. clearly shows the disrespect many humans have for the life of others.  A scared and helpless canine, skinned and left in a shopping cart, dead.  The crime itself is terrible enough. But when this canine was not even respectfully buried.. how selfish and most ignorant.

Those of us who speak out to help and educate others on animal abuse are not terrorists as we have been labeled in the past as well as the present.  The real ones are those who commit such insane acts of violence.. those who have caused the animals to suffer terribly.

Dayton Daily News:

SPRINGFIELD | Police don't know who skinned a dog found dead in front of Wal-Mart on Monday night.

A store employee, who would not give his name, called police about 8 p.m. and said a medium-sized animal had been found in a shopping cart, Springfield Sgt. Jim Hutchins said.

The dog was in full view of customers, Hutchins said, adding that according to the employee, a customer pushed the cart off to a spot between the lawn-and-garden area and the front of the store before police arrived.

The employee said he didn't know who killed the dog or how long it had been outside the store.  Officers disposed of the dog, Hutchins said.

[From the Dayton Daily News: 12.19.2001]

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