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From 24 December 2001 Issue


Every March, the ice floes in Norway are bloodied as hunters bludgeon and skin baby harp seals for their soft fur.  The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade reports that approximately 80% of the seals killed are just weeks old, and that because of the inaccuracy of clubbing, many of the seals are fully conscious when their skin is ripped from their bodies.

On Tuesday (11/06), The Guardian reported that Norway's fisheries minister, worried that local hunters aren't meeting their killing quota, has proposed making the seal hunt an "exclusive," international tourist attraction.  When interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper, the minister said, "Seal hunting on the wild Norwegian coast should be sold as an exclusive product to tourists. . . this could be a big hit. . . we have to take out more animals."

Please send this form letter of protest

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December 6, 2001

Svein Ludvigsen
Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries
655 Third Avenue
Suite 1810
New York 1
New York, New York

Mr. Ludvigsen,

This is a copy of a letter sent to the Tourist Board of Norway. You, too, should see what wrath and rage that you have garnered in the wake of your horrible statement to the press, reported below.

I am stunned to find the following on the Internet. My friends, associates and I feel compelled to write to you. Therefore this may be one of many letters you might receive. It is however signed by me as an individual and I hope you will consider it as such.

I am writing to Norway's Tourist Board to tell you that I will not spend my tourist dollars in a country that promotes animal cruelty as a tourist attraction.  And further than that, I am so offended by your modern day executioner, Norway's fisheries minister, Ludvigsen, that I promise I will boycott EVERYTHING made that comes out of Norway.

You have a horrible country with no sense of decency.  Your hands drip with the blood of these helpless souls.  Your fur industry makes me sick to my stomach.

This fisheries minister, Ludvigsen, is as bad as the terrorists that attacked America, and just as evil! Some big hit!! To, "take out more animals," is what that moron proposed. And he thinks this will bring more people to Norway?  He should get his head examined.

Very sincerely,

"First" "Last"

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