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From 24 June 2003 Issue

Hearing to Suspend License Completed
(Alleged Animals Abuse)

The hearing to suspend Robert L. Rooks' license is completed. Now the animals need you to urge the judge for the strongest penalty -- the revocation of Rooks' license so that his dangerous practices will be stopped. Judge Meth is now taking the matter into consideration. He will announce his decision in July. THE TIME TO CONTACT HIM IS NOW.

SAN DIEGO -- The hearing instigated by the California attorney general's
office to revoke the license of Robert L. Rooks, DVM, and to revoke the premises permit of his hospital, All-Care Animal Referral Center, has ended.

Please let your voice be heard. Judge Alan S. Meth was either unable or
unwilling to receive correspondence during the trial. Now that it's over, he is due to render his decision in July and we must make our voices heard.  Please take a moment now to contact him and urge him to enforce the strictest penalty -- revoke Robert L. Rooks' license to practice veterinary medicine. Rooks has been the subject of numerous lawsuits and complaints -- and so far he has avoided all accountability by the California Veterinary Medical Board whose job it is to protect people's pets.

This is an important case that has repercussions beyond California. All-Care
receives referrals from veterinarians all over the country. Referral fees are routinely given to vets for doing so. Do you want your pet or anyone else's being referred to a doctor who has dozens of complaints filed against him for the injury and death of people's pets, avoided accountability by the board for 10 years, was prosecuted by the attorney general in a month-long trial for serious allegations, and is now employing every means possible to keep himself in business at the expense of animal health and well-being?

Of course nothing can bring back a beloved companion animal. But we can make
sure this veterinarian is stopped and that innocent lives are saved. For details of the numerous lawsuits and media coverage on this vet, go to

What You Can Do

Judge Alan S. Meth, 619-525-4426. Leave a polite message on his voicemail
asking that he protect the lives of companion animals everywhere and enforce the strictest penalty by revoking Rooks' license.

Sue Geranen, Executive Director, California Veterinary Medical Board,
916-263-2610. Press 03 for operator and ask for her.

Judge Alan S. Meth, 619-525-4419

Sue Geranen, Executive Director, California Veterinary Medical Board,

Please fax or mail letters to both. Sample letter below. Feel free to use,
modify, or write your own. Keep it short and respectful -- but make it known that Rooks' pattern of practice is no longer acceptable:

The Honorable Judge Alan S. Meth
Office of Administrative Hearings
1350 Front Street, Suite 6022
San Diego, CA 92101

Sue Geranen
Executive Director
California Veterinary Medical Board
1420 Howe Avenue, Suite 6
Sacramento, CA  95825-3228

Sample Letter:

On behalf of the companion animals in California and elsewhere, I am writing
to request that you enforce the maximum penalty possible against Robert L. Rooks, DVM, and All-Care Animal Referral Center.

No professional licensee of the state entrusted with the health and
well-being of a beloved companion animal is above the law. And yet a veterinarian can regularly get away with violating the statutes of his own profession through a network of professional protection -- his colleagues, his staff, and even the licensing board supposedly designed to protect the public. By enforcing the laws of this profession, you will be sending a much-needed message to the veterinary community -- some of whom, thankfully, are already speaking out against their abusive colleagues -- that this type of practice will not be tolerated. The public is no longer ignorant about such matters. Licensing boards all over the country who routinely looked the other way are now thinking twice about such blatant apathy -- they know the
public is watching.

The years of complaints against Robert L. Rooks, and his continued ability
to evade the law should speak for itself. The animals can't.

Please give every consideration to the ACTIVE (not
"stayed") REVOCATION of Robert L. Rooks' license, and to the revocation of his premises permit for All-Care Animal Referral Center, along with the imposition of the maximum

Thank you.

source:  [email protected]

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