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From Animals in Print 24 November 2000 Issue:

The poem is based on an incident I witnessed when I was driving home last week and I actually saw a guy on the side of the road cutting off the antlers of a dead deer :(


rusty little hand-saw
by Melanie

the man cuts
into the flesh using
his rusty little hand-saw
with the sharp jagged edges.
Slicing into the head of this poor
ill-fated deer, who appears to have been
hit by a car, lying on the stony shoulder of the
road. The car pulled over, the man kneeling on the
ground, his back hunched like the proper sophisticated
being that he is. And he crouches lower and lower to the earth,
the sweat pouring down his face, with his forehead furrowed,
as he ravenously saws with all his might to remove the
antlers from the buck that is humped like a sack of
grain, like a bag of bones, and then finally
the man gets what he wants and the
once beautiful creature stares
lifeless into the sky and the
man is crouched
down so

[email protected] 

Editors note:

I just wanted to comment on this poem. I thought Melly had a wonderful grasp of this situation and I am inpressed with its deep insightful message.

Good job Melly.


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