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From Animals in Print 24 November 2000 Issue:

Say NO to V.O. "rabbit" Fur Cat Toys

Many pet stores, veterinary offices and others who sell cat toys, sell products manufactured or imported by Vo-Toys of Harrison, New Jersey.

Most of the "rabbit" fur toys on pet store shelves (at least in Seattle) come from this company.

Labelling on the packages indicates that the fur is only from rabbits who were otherwise totally consumed for food. The packages also indicate that the fur products are made in CHINA.

There is a STRONG possibility that these products are made from domestic dog or cat fur. In any event, Vo-Toys cannot categorically deny this, since much fur from China is mislabelled.

1) Please contact Vo-Toys and ask them to discontinue this line of products. (contact info below)

2) Please talk to your local pet store owner, veterinarian, department store representative, and ask them NOT to sell items made from rabbit or any other fur. Ask thenm to contact V0-Toys or their supplier.

3) Long shot: Contact the FBI, US Customs or local police to report possible illegal sales of dog and cat fur at your local pet store. Cite recent federal legislation making the import or sale of these items illegal. Contact HSUS for an information packet regarding illegal sales of dog and cat fur in US and forward these materials to your law enforcement agency. Demand that the store owner present proof of origin (not simply packaging material claims). Demand DNA testing of shelf products to determine origin.

Vo-Toys sells many other pet products and need not continue to sell these fur items to stay in business.

Enough complaints from merchants and legal challenges and they will discontinue these products. Let's make it happen!


Contact info below:

The Vo-toys, Inc. (corporate office)
400 South Fifth Street,
Harrison, New Jersey 07029

Karen Rugar - Customer Service
[email protected] 
800-272-0088   (fur mice)

Other company contacts:
  Annie Cummings  [email protected]
  Bernice Canter  [email protected]
  Karen Rugar  [email protected]
  John Malanga  [email protected]
  Linda Hernandez  [email protected]
  Maria Santos  [email protected]
  Patti McKenna  [email protected]
  Holly Young  [email protected]
  Gary Hirschberg [email protected]
  Arthur Hirschberg [email protected]
  Sharon Morgan [email protected]
  Suqi Gu [email protected]
  Larry Cobb [email protected]
  Lee Scoville [email protected]
  Gary Jacobs [email protected]
  Paula Zerdes [email protected]
  Eileen Eubanks [email protected]
  Joe Wade [email protected]
  Judy Maves Snodgrass [email protected]
  Tim Taft [email protected]
  Chris Mott [email protected]

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