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From 25 June 2002 Issue

Pet Health Tip:
Beware of Backyard Dangers

SOURCE: ASPCA News Alert 6/20/02

As the weather warms up, more and more animal companions will be heading
for the great outdoors. Even if that means no more than a daily romp in
your backyard, always be there to supervise--and please make sure your
pets stay safe with the following tips from the ASPCA Animal Poison
Control Center:

* Always store lawn and garden products in areas that are inaccessible
to animals. Ingestion of large amounts of fertilizer, for example, can
cause severe gastric upset and gastrointestinal obstruction.

* Do not allow pets to go on lawns or in gardens that have been treated
with fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides until the time listed on
the label by the manufacturer.

* Know which plants and trees can be poisonous to your pets.

-Cardiotoxic plants--those that can affect the heart--include lily of
the valley, oleander, rhododendron, azalea, yew and foxglove.

-Rhubarb leaves and certain species of lily can cause kidney failure.

-Cycads and some species of mushrooms can result in liver failure.
Remember, toxic and nontoxic mushrooms can grow in the same area; to be
on the safe side, always assume that any ingested mushroom is highly
toxic until it has been identified.

If you suspect that your animal companion has eaten a poisonous plant,
call your veterinarian or the APCC's emergency hotline-- (888)
4-ANI-HELP --for round-the-clock telephone assistance. If you are unsure
of the species of plant ingested, you may need to bring the plant to a
nursery for identification.

For more information on what's toxic and what's not--and what you can do
to prevent your pet from being poisoned, visit:


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