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From 26 December 2003 Issue


Larry Lizard Has The Blues

Dear Jill,
Our son, James, age 12, has a pet lizard named Larry.  Larry lived with about 10 other lizards for most of his life.  The humane society (where we adopted Larry from) said Larry isn't going to be an active kind of companion.  They also said he may be somewhat sad and lonely and if he gets too down we can come adopt another one.  I don't really want to adopt another lizard, as I feel one is enough.  How do we know if Larry is sad?  He always looks the same to us!
Thanks. - Elizabeth and Lou Canford

Dear Liz & Lou,
Please check in with the humane society where you adopted Larry, as they are familiar with Larry.  It's tough to determine the emotions of a reptile, but it can be done.  I also suggest consulting with a reptile specialist at a major pet supply store.  Ask them if you have all the reptilian supplies needed to make Larry's environment comfortable, happy and stimulating. Be sure to spend quality time with Larry every day and tell him how much you love him!

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant

"Dr. Phil of Animals"

Dear Jill,
Our neighbor reads your articles and thinks you are knowledgeable and witty --"the Dr. Phil of animals," if you will (big smile). She got us reading your "What Jill Knows" column and we just love you!  So, last week when we adopted a kitten our daughter INSISTED we name her "Jill," after you.  Just wanted you to know.
Betsy Allen

Dear Betsy,
Thank you!  You are so sweet.  That made my day! Take good care of your kitty, Jill, and be SURE to have her spayed!!

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant

Dandy Dog Slips On Ice

Dear Jill,
Our dog Dandy slipped on the ice and now she's limping pretty bad.  She can't walk at all.  We drove her to our vet, but they were closed last night.  Is there anything we can do now?  We feel just awful about this.

Dear Allie,
Yes, there is something you can do.  Get out your phone book and telephone and find a vet that is open for emergencies.  Then drive Dandy to the vet.  Her leg could be broken. HURRY!

Then, when you get back home, melt that ice so YOU don't fall!  Please let me know how Dandy's leg is.

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant

Dear Jill,
Thank you for your quick response.  We found an emergency veterinary clinic and took Dandy there.  They x-rayed her leg and it WAS broken, so they had to give her pain medication and set it proper.  She is going to be fine, but we need to take special care of her for many weeks. We are also hiring a professional to clear the ice out of our driveway! Thanks,
Allie and Dandy

Perfect Dog

Dear Jill,
Our neutered male German Shepherd is 5 years old. We have had him one year and are having a small problem.  Whenever we leave the house Sherman leaves the kitchen, where he lies in front of the window, and sleeps in the living room. My husband doesn't want Sherman in the living room (I don't mind him in there), but the dog likes the carpet.  Sherman has been to pet classes. He can be walked outside without a leash, is good with other dogs and only barks a little when someone is at the door.  He doesn't chew up anything, ever and is otherwise a great dog.  My husband is so upset about the carpet, but I tell him it's 10 years old, who cares.  What should I do?

Dear Crystal,
Divorce the man, keep the dog.  No, seriously, if your dog is THAT well behaved, he deserves to lie on the carpet when you are out.  What's the big deal?  Tell your husband to stop obsessing and start appreciating what a wonderful canine companion he has!

Does Sherman have his own comfortable bed to lie on?  If not, go to a pet supply store (on line or in your neighborhood) and get your dog a German-shepherd sized bed! German Shepherds are prone to hip disease and ALL dogs require a bed of their own.  My German Shepherd has a nice, large, thick foam bed with a machine washable, zippered cover.  I bought it on line and paid under $50. for it.  I also have one in the back of the car for him to lie on, as he doesn't like to lie on hard surfaces.

Place Sherman's bed in a comfortable area, free from drafts, foot traffic, and chaos, where there is ready access to the food bowl and the water bowl.  The kitchen can be a great place for a dog's bed, but that's up to you to decide.

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant
What Jill Knows, Copyright 2003
Syndicated Journal Press Syndicate
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